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Jefferson Academy's subjects were good classes (besides weight training) and the students and staff there were friendly. What could change would be some of the rules and the way homework is graded and reviewed.
Jefferson Academy is an excellent, local school that is designed to help your student get accepted into a college through numerous hours of tedious work and study; however, the teachers are not always there to help when it is needed. Additionally, the sports are just above average. The school is not that big which makes it an excellent place to make friends.
Jefferson Academy is a very tight nit community. Everyone is treated like family here. Whenever I need help with anything, I know there is someone I can go and talk to. Everyone is involved. Academics are very important and I feel that Jefferson Academy has done an amazing job at preparing me and my classmates for the future. Though we are a small school, go to any of our sporting events, especially basketball, and there will be an overwhelming amount of spectators. If I could go through my high school experience again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would choose Jefferson Academy. It is an overall, excellent school.
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Jefferson Academy provided me with a good education and college credits, but their counseling department and some of their "senior" teachers proved to be way below satisfactory. I often found myself frustrated but unable to receive help with these problems. The school considers their staff to be family, even more than the students it seems.
This school really prides itself in preparing students for life beyond high school. They offer supplement classes through Front Range Community College and other colleges for more advanced students. The teachers always challenge students to excel beyond the normal high school student. It is just so small that some of these efforts are merely a work in progress.
A lot of people participate in sports in this school.
I did not participate in much but there seemed to be many opportunities.
It's a very safe environment in a very safe area.
It was a good high school and I don't know if I would choose it again because of some of the teachers I had issues with.
There are two people that only do this
Other than no school nurse all else is fine
There are a couple fights
They know what the talk about
Not much other than sports games and anything from the National Honors Society
My school does not have very many sports facilities because we do not have very many teams. However, the facilities we have are pretty average.
I have always been able to ask for help. Also, I love how small it is.
The food is not too bad. There is always a wide variety of choices to pick from.
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Students could fairly easily start their own clubs as long as they got one teacher to sponser it. This allowed there to be lots of different clubs available during lots of different times. Clubs ranged from study-clubs to writing-clubs to "just for fun" clubs like the zombie fan club.
This school took bullying very seriously and there were many systems set up so that students (both involved and not involved) could report any kind of bullying. Any problems were quickly taken care of and dealt with. This made the school feel very safe and bullying, for the most part, was non-exsistent.
The classes were great. There were usually only 4 classes a day, but of course, would last almost 2 hours. This was great, it allowed students to focus their energy and thoughts more on a few classes rather than a bunch of classes. It also gave lots of time to tackle larger projects and lessons over a shorter time span.
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