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Jefferson Academy has prepared me for college. They offer academically rigorous courses that I found fun but challenging.
Jefferson Academy provides the students with an array of helpful learning tools and opportunities that a lot of high schools don't get to experience. We get the chance to take college classes while in high school to get a head start on our college education, which also prepares us for post secondary education. The teachers do their best to provide the students with as many resources as possible to be ready for what comes after high school. My problem with the school is the community. It is relatively small, and there is barely any diversity. Each class only has about 100 students, so it's hard to expand your horizons, meet new people and make new friends with such a small amount of people. So overall at Jefferson Academy, the education is top notch and worthwhile, but the community and school spirit needs some working on.
It is very academically inclined, but also offers great athletic programs. The staff and administration really care about their students' success.
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Through going to jefferson academy i have met some wondeful people that i can now call friends. I would recommend joining a club or sports team to really connect with other students and get a real feel for the school. Admin and the teachers are very strict when it comes to most things so one thing i would critique would be them not letting the kids be kids. I enjoyed almost all the teachers, they are all kind and there to help you succeed. The college classes that they offer are very helpful for receiving college credits for little to no money at all.
They really push kids to prepare for college. Definitely not an easy academic plan! The teachers are very caring and do well at personalizing student's experiences, but also prepare them for college by requiring them to be responsible for their own success.
JA prepares students for college and life after high school by teaching them self-responsibility to help them achieve their highest academic potential.
I have had a mostly positive experience with Jefferson Academy. The teachers at JA love what they're doing and they work hard. They help their students when they're in need (academically and otherwise). Most people are very friendly and the general environment is positive. Everyone works hard to excel in school and most people are passionate about various things (a couple different clubs and sports). It can be overwhelming because everyone is involved in so many things and can get competitive. JA is a great school, and although some students have a problem with administration I think most would agree that we've gotten a great education in a pretty nice school.
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