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I transferred to Jeffers High School at the end of eighth grade. I went to a school that was quite bigger than Jeffers. When I transferred to here it was quite a change. It was a good change though! The class sizes are much smaller at Jeffers. For example, I am in a graduating class of 31 students. I think the size of the school is what makes it so great. Pretty much everybody in the school knows each other. I feel like Jeffers has helped shape me into the person I am today. Because of the size, the teachers get to know the students a lot more than they would in a bigger school. I have gotten so much advice and help with what I am going to do after I graduate. I have found life-long friends here. Jeffers is not only a school, but a second home to the students. You are always welcome back if you need help.
My experience at Jeffers High School was amazing. The teachers and ancillary staff took time to know each student. The level of attention received by the staff helped prepare me for college and then commission in the US Air Force. There are numerous clubs and activities for students to be involved in. With the worry of school safety in today's society, Jeffers High never felt unsafe in any way.
I'm a senior at Jeffers High School and have gone here for my whole high school career. I like the small class sizes where I can get to know my teachers and classmates well. The teachers here are always willing to help. I really enjoyed the trades programs and would like to see more of them formed.
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There are some great classes and the workload is enough so you'll do something anyway.
Our school goes out of its way when it comes to safety and etc.
I do not know much about the extracurriculars, I am not in any.
All of our teachers are committed to making sure you understand the material, their teaching styles are very above average.
Sickness rarely occurs and they take proper precautions when there is.
The sports teams are fabulous, the drama, band, and art departments are high above average and the homecoming dance and prom are well put together.
After changing schools I realized I made the right decision coming to this school. The students and staff are very welcoming and I've found myself a lot happier than when I was at my last school.
All of my teachers try their best at teaching me the information whether I learn it or not. They care about their students learning and being able to use it in the future.
They will help you if you are struggling in their class or just need help in general. The guidance council here is very supportive if you are having troubles at home. Everyone here is friendly and very intelligent in their category of which they teach.
We have a lot of great teachers and students there. If I could do it all over I would for sure go to this school again.
I honestly feel like this was the best school for me. I got along great with everybody and had a great group of friends.
The policies are pretty reasonable. The only thing that I still don't understand is not being able to wear a jacket. JHS is a old, and cold building during the winter. Wearing a light jacket in class isn't unreasonable.
It's a small school, so athletic spaces and equipment is limited. The facilities that Jeffers has are in great condition.
It's great that I'm still able to go back to Jeffers and have all the teachers be excited to see me and support my goals. It's a great community, and the teachers really care about all of their students.
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The extracurriculars at Jeffers allowed me to grow significantly. Being active in student organizations and sports was a great experience.
Being able to participate in many activities throughout high school gave me a broad range of experience to draw from. Having solid relationships with my teachers made a tremendous impact on who I am today.
Most of the kids in school are in some sort of sport, or they at least support the sports. There's probably not one person in the building that hasn't been to a game or some other event. Everyone is pretty much involved.
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