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Jeffco's 21st Century Virtual Academy Reviews

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They work with you to fit your schedule, they are kind, and their teachers are great. I think if you have any health issues or if you hate going to school that this is a good fit. You can do your school from the comfort of your bed if you want. All you need is a computer and wifi and you are set.
What I loved most about this school was that I was able to go to school as well as take some of my courses online. I had to retake a math course and the best part was that I could work ahead if I wanted to. Great option if you need something to accommodate a crazy schedule or other student needs.
I liked that they were very informed about students and their struggles and tried to make it as easy to learn as possible.
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Its great online school and if you get behind you can come in on Mondays and Thursdays to meet with teachers to get help . there is an actual school its not just online . you can do part time or full time , part time is so you can go to another school and still do classes here so you catch up
I love the school system! I transferred into Jeffco because I felt like the student all hadn't a desire to learn and a desire to help each other. They are friendly and make school feel like a community rather than a clique.
Jeffco Virtual Academy was a very hands off school in my opinion, the student is at the head of their learning rather than the teacher. The online format is one of the reasons I am more organized going into college. I did have the most amazing counselor for my IEP and Safety Plan very inspiring.
It was a great online experience. It isn't regular brick and mortar. You can set your own schedule and there are due dates at the end of the week. It isn't self paced but in some classes you can try to work ahead.
never had any problems they couldn't solve.
My counselor deserves a raise! She does great
I have never looked in to it.
Everytime I need anything the school helps out!
Very friendly and nice. Some started when the school started and other just start. They are very friendly and supportive.
guidance counselors and office staff are very friendly and willing to help you whenever needed.
No one is required so many just do not join a club.
I felt very prepared gave me valuable study skills.
This is a very good school for diversity student involvement ect. It is online.
It was very good, I loved the clubs and teachers interacting with their students.
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Very good school. It is an online school so it is hard to have afterschool activities although there are some clubs that you can join.
Very good for a online school. Easy to find what you need tutoring, conferences ect offered online and at golden Jefferson county schools building.
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