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Jeff Davis High School Reviews

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I've been in the Jeff Davis County School system all my life, and my experience was nice. The staff members at the high school were very helpful to me when it came to college planning and working on college readiness.
Very great school system. They care for student academics and work to help them meet their goals. The teachers are very involved in after school activities along with the many clubs. They are preparing highschool students for the next level, and they are doing a great job.
The teachers and staff really care about you, and they are glad to help if they can. The students are well-behaved. We are lucky to have a calm community.
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My experience in Jeff Davis was good. Everyone there as a close connection the teachers and administrators really care about how you’re doing and want you to achieve and have high standards for yourself. I also really like the sports. Jeff Davis sports and clubs are really big deal, the coaches push you so that you become better. Our club and sports teams go out and travel to different counties to compete.
My experience at Jeff Davis High School has been amazing. I played on Jeff Davis softball team all my years of high school. I have nothing negative to say about my school.
Jeff Davis High School is a small but great school. The school has great teachers who love to teach and help students succeed! The lunches are not bad and parking is great as well. They offer bus transportation for students to and from school. Great school for your kids to learn and grow!
Jeff Davis High School is one of the best high schools in the state of Georgia. Jeff Davis high has a policy that is met with all students and teachers every year. It also has made the opportunity to make a personal connection between staff and students.
For Jeff Davis High School it is an overall School in academics, considering it is a 2AA school, our school performs highly in academics and a decent rate in standardized testing. I'm satisfied with going here at Jeff Davis High, it gives me the knowledge that I need and the teachers work well with the students towards that. They teachers work hard for us students and try there best for us. The only thing I would say for our school to change is the way some students are considered more highly than others and when the teachers don't really give us time to have some free time, it is constant learning, which isn't a bad thing, it's just tiredsome.
Jeff Davis High School is a very respected place. Although it may have its ups and downs, Jeff Davis High has truly made me the person I am today. I can truly say I feel more ready than ever to continue on my education in college.
The school has taught me a lot. I don't really have favorite experiences. I was mostly involve in sports and college classes.
The overall quality of the teachers I have was pretty good. Most of them cared and they helped their students when they needed it. They are several teaching styles in this school. Teachers wil go out of their teaching styles in order for the students to understand the material. Most of the teachers that I had were really knowledgeable and taught whatever the student needed to learn. The grading depends on the teacher. The higher the class you take the more detail is put into your grade.
The health and safety here are okay.
We don't have a lot of extracurricular opportunities.
Could be better, but it could be a lot worse
Could be better, but it could be a lot worse
It's been pretty well I just strongly dislike discrimination that teachers distribute and I give my input on it.
I was bullied a lot, and the teachers did not help.
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With what is provided, our school is strict on safety and cleanliness.
Although our cafeteria ladies work with what they are provided, more could be done to improve the food.
Our administrators go out of their way to serve the students and town!
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