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The Jeannette School District is extremely small. When I graduated in 2013 I was one of 76 students graduating. We often had old textbooks in many of our classes. It was not the worst school to go to despite what many people would say. When I was in high school I believe that the teachers actually tried to give me the most they possibly could. The teachers still have influence on me today as I try to replicated them by become a teacher myself. While they are small, they make do with what they have and provide as much of an education as their limitations allow.
They have a really good football team. The community is very small, everyone is almost like family. Everyone knows everything about everyone. Currently changing classes, trying to better prepare students for college.
I would like to see the academics at Jeannette high schooo change and improve. The students should be provided with a better and more challenging education. I like the diversity of students at Jeannette high school
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There are no AP classes so don't even try to get ahead for college, it's not possible. The teachers are helpful minus a few. There is a lack of teachers for many subjects so teachers end up doing double the work for the same pay and are expected to have good test scores. It honestly is sad that the admin doesn't care about the teachers. There is only one counselor and he was zero help at all. Talks about college in a very broad sense and always forgets to send transcripts. The office ladies were very helpful although one is sometimes very grumpy. She was still more helpful than the counselor though. There is not many choices for classes because of the lack of teachers.
Either everybody is white, black or mixed. We once had an foreign exchange student. There are a few LGBQT people but everyone who is out gay gets bullied. Mostly everyone is Christian and acts super holy but are the ones who usually get pregnant or do drugs. Most of the students are low or middle class. There are programs to help those who need food which is great. This is the first year they had bussing so before that it would be very hard for students who didn't drive or couldn't afford one to get to class. Thus they would end up getting punished. It was messed up.
School nurse is a nut. Doesn't help with much and is still living in the 1950's with her attitude and medical knowledge. The police officer that stayed at the school my senior year was always friendly and easy to talk to. They taught abstinence at the school only taught about straight relationships and did not include LGBTQ in health class. Clearly that didn't help cause there were tons of pregnant girls and soon to be fathers floating around the school. They had anti drug presentations but the kids who use didn't really listen.
There are not very many options for extra curricular activities and the kids who are involved are involved with more than one. It's easy to get involved but also easy to be outed because the activities are either sports or band. Not much participation in dances and some get canceled which is upsetting. Most of the coaches are very knowledgable like softball and football.
There are not very many options for clubs and sports. There is no volleyball team, boys tennis, etc. There used to be many more clubs when I first entered the high school but the numbers have diminished and so has the funding so there are less. You only matter if you play sports. Football and basketball players get treated like they are gods by admin. It's frustrating. Also the school dress code is pretty sexist and doesn't go exactly by the rules. Some people get in trouble for wearing a certain color while others don't. You also were not allowed to wear jackets or hoodies which made zero sense. On dress down days people would be punished for very minor things. When it comes to education there are ZERO AP classes which is so frustrating for someone who wants to be challenged but physically can't. They probably don't have the numbers for those who want to take AP classes so they don't offer them. Also the teachers were mostly good for the resources they had but I could have been better prepared for my future.
I feel the teachers do the best of their abilities with what they're given. They help as much as possible but there is definitely a teaching shortage. There were only 2 English teachers in the whole school when I graduated. It's absurd that they make teachers teach 6 different types of classes, which means they have to have different lessons plans for each type of class and can't focus on one or two classes and make those classes very engaging. I feel the teachers care a lot about the students, minus a few. The art teacher is always the sweetest and I have learned so much from her, along with the English department. The 2 history teachers I had were pitiful. They taught straight from the book, so there was need to even take notes. Most of the classes are easy A's minus English and some math and sciences. The new teachers also end up leaving because they know how corrupt the place is. But I will say it's not the teachers fault, it's definitely the administration.
Some of the people are friendly, but many of them are pretty arrogant and rude.
Just like any other school there are some clubs, organizations, and sports.
Only a few of the teachers actually challenge you when it comes to the material.
It usually takes a while to see the nurse, so you usually wait a long time.
Overall, the school isn't bad. The curriculum could be much better as overall, I only found about four or five of my classes gave me a challenge. The others were really a joke. The school lunches, obviously, could also be better as well. The classes are small, so it is easier to get help from the teachers.
They don't care they are just there to work
They don't care in the kids just sports
Too much favoritism

To many kids not pushed
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Nurse isn't helpful

Food service bad, old food served

Teachers aren't respectful of injury
I won a state championship in basketball and football. Great sports city.
It is a school were friendships are made to last a life time.
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