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Jeanerette Senior High School Reviews

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Jeanerette High School is an amazing school and I would recommend it to any one looking for a great school in the Iberia Parish area.
I entered school at Jeanerette Senior High my tenth grade year. This move was one of the best decisions I could have made. My academic achievements have grown over these past few years. I've learned more from the teachers, who are very passionate about their jobs. The teachers not only make sure that their students get a valuable education, but makes sure that the kids are learning in a way that their comfortable. Many teachers give up countless hours to stay after school to make sure that kids get the tutoring that they need to better understand the materials being taught. From experience, I've learned how to better manage my time and how study properly so that I remember the information better. Soon to be leaving this facility, I would like to see the athletic department flourish. There are so many talented students that pass through Jeanerette Senior High, but their talents and gifts are not being recognized in the way they should.
I'm an alumni c/o 1999. My oldest daughter graduated the year of 2017 and I've currently have an 8th grader attending. Overall Jeanerette High is a good school overall with great potential if the school board and faculty would take more pride with incorporating the school with other district schools activities. If the funds were increased and divided equally to the extra curriculum activities especially the band and have more support from the school board members and community like the 80's and 90's Jeanerette High would be one of the best schools in the Tri Parish area.
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My experience at JSHS has been very good so far, I mean I made to my senior year so it had to good. I have experienced some good and some what bad days while attending there since 9th grade, but it wasn't too bad. Me and my classmates we are pretty funny and like to clown and talk a lot but at the end of the day we always had our work done. We are going to make the BEST out of our senior year.!!!!!! SENIOR18'
The teachers are willing to teach and try their best. Students tend to struggle in various different subjects. Test scores are average.
The teachers are very dedicated and loyal to their students.Some of them doesn't care if you fail.Student life is alright and the discipline is not too harsh. But the principal worry too much about simple things.
I like thag at Jeanerette they waant you to do great and excelle in everything you do. They push you to become great and want you to be and do as good as you can. They have many different programs after that can help you if you are struggling in that class.
Jeanerette High School is not the normal high school. My experience at Jeanerette High School, has not only been fun, but difficult. Losing many friends to gain friends also. At Jeanerette High, you are either hated or loved, sometimes your just envied for no reason. As a senior at Jeanerette Senior High School, I feel the only thing we should learn to do is come together as one, instead of going against each other. Our high school, should be more of a big family, due to the fact we come from a small community instead of being so diverse.
My experience at jeanerette senior high is very fun and educational, but I would like to change how activities are ran.
After school activities often form a great bond between the students and teachers, bringing our school closer together.
I love my school. The memories I have here are irreplaceable and will be remembered by me forever.
The teachers at my school are great. They offer advice to struggling students and are always there to help.
I cannot fathom how miserable everyone is these days. Many of them are just mean girls and boys that have nothing better to do with themselves.
the school is very good
Jeanerette High School is very accepting about students. It doesn't matter what type of person you are or what you believe in. You will always find someone that will talk to you and welcome you in. The kids are sometimes messy and love getting involved in conflicts, but most of the time they are very helpful and understanding. Its not hard to make friends and to fit in as a normal student.
The administration takes dress code very serious. Everyday before we walk in they make sure we have our IDs around our necks. They try to make sure every student is properly following the dress code. The administration also take discipline has a big thing around school. If students are written up they must attend after school detention that take place once a week. The school also have a big NO CELLPHONE policy. Students can't have a cellphone no where on campus.
The teachers are pretty helpful. They make sure the students are well taken care of. Most of the time they come to school ready to teach.
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Our school as several club to offer to students, but not alot of students participate nor are they eligible.
I love my school. Its not the best school, but its fun. Its has a small population which lets me get to know most people. It has great faculty and staffs. The school have great clubs. We had the Explorer's Club which is limited to less than 35 public schools in Louisiana. I would not want to go to no other high school, but my own.
We have regular, honors, and a few AP classes. Our students are only limited to one foreign language and that's french. our students could also take classes on a local community college campus.
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