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my experience at my high school is better than i thought it would be when I was in middle school. the classes are hard but the teachers break it down to make it easy, the atmosphere is always positive thanks to our new principal and administrators. the lunch is always fresh and gives many more options from healthy choices to choose from.
Ribault is a wonderful school. We’re low on resources but overall, the school is amazing. The teachers are actively engaged in the students like and the other administrators contribute as well.
This is an honest answer. I can’t really be any more straight forward than this. A lot needs to change here at this school. I believe with the new administration however things will change but the way they’re cracking down on the students is definitely the wrong way. I’m a senior now so I have been here since my 9th grade year and a lot has changed some day for the better but it honestly seems like it’s been for the worst.
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When I got to Ribault my 9th grade year I joined the flag team and everyone was very welcoming. My years at ribault has been awesome being apart of the band , chorus, dance team , student council ( class of 2019 class President) , and now I’m apart of the Royal Court as Miss Ribault 2nd runner up 2018-2019 and I love it .
I Like That Is Black Cultured, I Would Change The Classes We Take We Need More Honor Classes And Activities Like Photography Class.
I was really impressed with their programs and activities offered. They were very quite interactive, dynamic, and fruitful. In particular, their Early College Program is INCREDIBLE!!! I just graduated from the program with both my High a School Diploma and my A.A. degree and I can truly say this experience was richly rewarding and changed my life completely. After you have completed PERT testing and met all the requirements, you will spend only two years in high school taking all honors and A.P courses and then transition into college full time for an additional two years to receive college credits and an A.A. degree. I highly recommend it! It is quite rigorous, intense and highly competitive, but it is all worth it in the end. As it relates to change, I would like to see more diversity in the school environment and a more structured administrative system. Overall, the school is a good one. It has excellent faculty members, and academically would be great choice!
This high school offers great programs but the staff (excluding the Principal and Vice Principals ) doesn't seem interested in your success. I can only find a handful of teachers who were actually willing to provide extra help.
It was a fun experience, I thank the counselors and advisors who gave me the experience of a lifetime.
Ribault was my neighborhood school, there was some challenges daily regards to safety,some teachers did not care . My mother was very concerned daily and very hands on with all of my teachers . Every quarter there would be teacher not putting grades in ,but I had some teachers that really cared about our education. In the middle of the school year our principal was demoted and replaced as well as our vice principal that turned out to be a change for the better of the sturdent , because the staff was now held accountable for their actions. I’m thankful for my mother and the teachers that were really there for me and my classmates.
Some of my favorite teachers work at this school! They make up for the atmosphere of the place. It's not as bad as everyone hears. But definitely not the best school out there. There is alot of favortism with the rules (not even for good students). Also alot of fights occur as well. Based on your perspective, it will either be terrible or great.
Jean Ribault High School, for me, is a family school. Most of my family graduated with high honors. Being that I transferred to Ribault my junior year I transitioned pretty fast. I made a lot of new people and my teachers were very supported. When it was time for to take the ACT my teachers prepared me and honestly that was helpful because I ended up passing which allowed me to walk and receive a diploma.
Jean Ribault Senior High School has drastically changed my life. Entering the esteem institution in 9th grade, I was afraid of failure, coming out of my shell and even communicating with others. The atmosphere of love and the genuine staff and students has built my character and allowed me to carry more power than I ever imagined that I could have. I am now proud of my failures as a student that has made me successful, elated that my peers and surrounding adults did not allow me to stay in my shell which has also pushed me to one of my most valuable achievements, reigning as the 60th Miss Jean Ribault, and glad I can now communicate and network with others that allowed me to have access to tons of resources. I love Ribault.
When I first got to Jean Ribault High School my first day there was awesome and welcoming because I was a new student. To anybody that will be going here in the future you'll love it!
A lot of people think negative when they hear someone mention ribault. I've never felt threatened safety wise or like their were a lot of fights most students I've seen are smart and serious about their grades or smart but they just don't put the effort they need to into school. There are activities to participate in their are some standout teachers and people in the staff I think it's an overall good school.
hated it if i could attend any other high school i would have made that choice they have teachers that care but the enivronment sucks
I have attended Jean Ribault High School since my 9th-grade year and overall not much has changed. Things remained the same except the changing administration. Jean Ribault High School really needs to change the way they discipline. Not all grade levels should be punished for previous classes. Every grade levels need to be dealt with based on how they act.
Jean Ribault High School has gotten a very bad reputation due to the neighborhood that surrounds it, not the school itself. The faculty is dedicated to not only keeping the kids safe, but making sure they are successful. The programs they offer from Early College to Aviation are carefully designed to make sure that the students are prepared for their start in life. It is a great school.
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I like the atmosphere and I enjoy the early college program. I feel very safe there and I know that the teachers always have my back.
This is a school in an African American neighborhood. However, some of the teachers really help. They have an early college program that is not hard at all. But the guidance office sucks when it comes to seniors.
Jean Ribault High School is very excellent school. Although people have said some bad things about Ribault, it is not as they say but better. They have very good programs that enhances the future of the students and the teachers honestly do their best to help the students where ever in life. They have lots of organizations and clubs that students can be apart of like: 5000 role models, Latin club, National Honor Society,Math league, Trojills and many others. The students there are very outspoken and tend to get criticized very often by outsiders that would say differently. Even though there might be altercations at the school security always works to better the situation. we have joyous staff, people that always are eager to greet you. in the morning,during lunch, and as well in the afternoon.One last thing but certainly not the least is the awesome ROTC program they have there. It is a great program and teaches student discipline.
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