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The food taste really bad and I don't like the foods that they serve for the students.
Its kind of okay, which I don't use that much resources that I need.
There are different kind of sports in my school, which those sports can be fun. Also it helps you to build strong communication and friends. Also it helps your body to maintain healthy body not lazy and weak.
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There are lots of clubs and sports in school which all students can join. After school is where you can get help with your homework or tutor, if you need help on something.
Health in school which most students doesn't care. Some students that I saw they may smoke cigarettes or even weeds. In school, the teachers and most adults won't let that happen and if it happen the student may get suspension. Also safety policies, students shouldn't bring something dangerous in school. My school may be safe but its not good for students who break the rules for their own health and life.
My experience at my school is that its pretty bad of how I view it. The person that changes the rules is worst of all because of how he/she changes the rules. They maybe push the students more harsh than before, but it won't work, if the students won't follow. I mean the school shouldn't push students that they have to follow or to do, but it should make students to remind themselves how the teacher taught them.
The school its okay, but sometimes the rules won't work on other people in school. Such as bullying there are some people, who bully other students in the classrooms or on the hallway. Making rules that everyone have to follow might be not that easy to do, and I know that my school isn't that easy at all. My school is not that fun and students at school should've follow the rules, but they don't. If they don't it won't help they in college or anywhere they go. Those students had to depend on themselves and can't rely on other people like their family members, if they go to college.
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