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My school is very good at helping students reach their goal as long as the student is willing to receive the help .
The condition of our schools resources and facilities is pretty good , restrooms are well kept , everyone has there books and proper tools for learning .
The teachers at my school are very committed to helping the students to earn and grow. They take their time while remaining patient with struggling students .
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our school doesn't have any extracurricular activities so , any club ,or sport we want to be apart of must be done outside of school.
Well im one of the student that attend JDTCA ao im unsure of how the admissions process.
Our school administration and its strict policies widely affect the the students but are there to maintain safety.
Our policies are strictly enforced and are easily kept in check due to the small amount of students that are in attendance and closely monitored classes . always having teacher super vision .
If people needed a ride, a ride was provided and everyone shared resources
We had a wide range of extracurriculars. From working with the city government, to newspapers, to dancing around the country, to field trips, to volunteering.
It was a great school that developed both talent and character! It taught morals like honesty, love, forgiveness, compassion, while teaching skills like discipline, self control, responsibility, etc. It's an exemplery school
The administration worked hard to make sure that the students were taken care of and provided for. They also dealt with students in a just manner.
My school was great! More people should be enrolled at JDT Christian Academy!
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