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J.D. Clement Early College High School Reviews

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J.D. Clement is a wonderful school and a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. The school grants students the chance to take college courses, which does nothing but help you improve as an overall student, as well as prepare you for what college life might be like academically. The course work can be rigorous at times and may seem overwhelming to those who don't prepare for it however, the privilege of obtaining more than 60 college credits in high school is something that should not be taken lightly. Anyone who is able to attend ECHS should consider themselves lucky. The one thing that I would change would be to expand the space the school has to more than just one building, which would make some of the school's processes a lot smoother. (Given if funds were factored out of the equation.)
I loved how close everyone felt even if we were not all always on the same page we got help when it was need. I wouldnt only ask for abit more one on one time.
I love my school, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. For example; there aren't any field trips, sports and it is a very small school. However you receive up to 2 years of college classes for free, I believe this is an amazing opportunity for those who plan on going to college.
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This is an amazing school, and perfect for those who excel academically. The staff is supportive and are a great help to students. Having the ability to experience college is amazing and is good preparation for when you enter college.
My experience at J.D. Clement Early College was remarkable! This school has shaped me in ways that other schools can't. Not only has it prepared me academically, but assisted in making me a better version of myself. This school prepares us for college while aiding us in free tuition and books! The school gives all of their students an opportunity to earn up to two free years of college! It is located on the campus of North Carolina Central University and authorizes students to take classes on campus independently! Although it's small and very different from other high schools, you get the chance to build relationships and connections with your whole class and teachers.
J.D. Clement Early College High School is a safe learning environment with a sufficient number of resources. The school has a student to teacher ratio of 10:1 and a facility team of at least 18 members, each able to help you in a different way. The school is a learning program where you have the opportunity to take college classes on North Carolina Central University's college campus. After a semester a "normal" high school student, taking four high school classes in the high school building, you become an enrolled college student taking college classes alongside your peers. As you continue at J.D Clements Early College, you start to take less high school and more college classes until your senior year where you are taking all college classes as a college student and no high school classes, graduating with at least 70 college credits. The school is a great opportunity to get ahead as a college student and excel when becoming a full time college student.
Best school the Durham Public Schools have to offer. Period. High expectations, highly structured, competitive, and focused.
I feel this school really is the best in our city. It gave me the opportunity to experience collage sources beginning my sophomore year. I got the change to earn credits towards the college i will be attending in the fall as well. I feel very lucky to have been able to have this while going here.
Life at this school was never basic. All students take honors courses that lead into college courses. Both tuition and books are provided--giving an easy start to the college experience. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and administration does the best to aid students in their academics.
I liked the amount of freedom we had. Each day we were expected to go on a college campus and do what is expected of a college student. This school treated us as adults not students which gave me more responsibility and accountability.
JDC was honestly a promising experience for me. I grew to like it more as I went on and truly started to appreciate the value of a free education and college readiness at this school. Even though I’ve grown to love it I don’t think it’s for everyone. It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifices in order to take advantage of this opportunity. That means the lacking of a true high school experience, and knowing literally everybody at the school. Other than that great memories can be made here all while insuring a positive future for yourself and your education
JDC Early College High school was a small and interpersonal school that allowed you to earn up to 2 years of college credit. It sits within the middle of NCCU, a historically black university university and the high school students get to interact early in a college setting, as well as year college credit. Tuition is free, books are provided, all of it is free! At the high school portion, you get to know your teachers and peers personally, which is an advantage when needing recommendations (even the college teachers will do that if you get to know them!). One disadvantage is that the school is so small that there is no sports team, so you would have to sign up with another school within the district and travel there to be able to do sports.
My experience at J.D Clement Early College High School was been extremely amazing! It has great opportunities! For example, students are able to take FREE college courses. Additionally, students are always informed of scholarships, test improvement resources, and programs/internships. The environment is really small but it allows students to communicate advantageously with other classmates and teachers. There aren't any sports available at the school but students are allowed to play for their district schools. I took advantage of this opportunity and I was satisfied. Overall, any diligent and or intelligent student would definitely enjoy this school. It can be stressful at times, but the school is worth it.
It’s a great school with awesome teachers and talented students. The work has been a lot but it will pay off someday. Students are mostly friendly and kind, and it’s easy to fit into a group. I would like to see better equipment for the school with better computers for students.
My experience at early college high school was great. The teachers there are very helpful and caring. I think it’s a great environment. It gets you ready for college taking college courses.
The early college high school is a pretty good school academic wise they prepare all the students for the work load that comes with college but something that I would like to see changed is the level of trust between the administration and the students they treat the students especially the older ones like they are unable to process basic tasks and feel the need to pumish them if they don’t follow directions. If they could work together with the students then it would be better for everyone.
I am currently a Sophomore at J. D. Clement Early College High School, and applying to this school was one of the best choices I have ever made. For starters, it exposed me to rigorous work and challenges that I didn't have in my previous schools, and even though we are a very hard working school that focuses mainly on our academics, we still make sure we have time for various clubs and activities throughout the school day. Like the Student Government, Human Rights and Activism Club, Mock Trial, and so much more. At ECHS, no one is left behind. Students are given many opportunities throughout the school year to seek tutoring before, during, and after school. Making our school well known for having high test scores within the city of Durham.
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The teachers and staff at the school are very interactive with the students and are always there to assist you with personal or school related problems. Everyone cares about your wellbeing and help achieve your goals whether it be going to college or finding the best path for you.
Throughout my years at early college high school, I feel as though I have grown so much. My school has taught me how to adapt and become a better through several of the events and experiences put in place for and my other peers. They have helped me break out of my shell and interact not only with high school students and staff, but with college faculty and students.
My experience at J.D. Clement Early College High School was outstanding. The teachers were very helpful with educational and personal issue that the student may have in concern. It prepares for college early so you don't have to wait freshman year of college to experience everything at once. You can make more friends with college students and high school students as well. The material given can help you with real world situations and in school situations as well. What I like to see change is the rules for lower class men because I feel they should experience the same way as the upper class man are as well.
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