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J.C. Harmon High School Reviews

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They offer college classes to students that qualify to take them. Theres not very many classes that help get you ready for college. The staff they have are great there and they take time to get to know students.
Something I like about the school is that there is amazing diversity because there is good amount of each race. What race that is in our school is Asian, Mexican, African-American, and American.
I want the teachers to be more involved with students and with their learning and they should really let students know more about scholarships and how to get them
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I'm now a senior at JC Harmon. I had a rough freshman year, pulled through being a straight A's student sophomore year, and just continuing to pull through the final two years I have left. Some kids don't respect the teachers as they should, and it's not unusual to hear cursing or very explicit language be towards teachers, either. I believe this is a great school, but discipline needs to be harder. The way some teachers let students walk on them makes me undeniably infuriated. I hope my Senior year will be less stressful, but I do recommend this school over Schlagel any day.
My experience at J C Harmon was very good. They really care at Harmon. It's a very diverse school with plenty of culture from all over the world. The teachers are amazing. They really care. They would go out of their way to make sure you understand and ready for future classes. Harmon provides many opportunities for college. There are a lot of clubs but not really enough for everybody. Sports haven't been that good, not very good teams but they try. The food is average but enough to get through the day. Overall, Harmon is a very fun and great experience. The people are nice and will help you. The teachers are amazing and will always be willing to help you with anything. Harmon is overall a great experience for high school.
Great opportunities and great teachers, Some times there will be a issue with a student and he/she will cause a disturbance but the teacher normally handles them fairly well.
I recently graduated from J.C. Harmon and I really enjoyed going to school there. I made a lot of fun memories of there.
J C Harmon is an overall great experience. All the faculty and staff really care about your choices and careers. The teachers are incredibly helpful and will stay after to help you with anything you need. You can tell that the teachers really care. You meet a lot of great people. I've made a ton of friends going to J C Harmon. The students can show lots of school spirit when its needed. J C Harmon is just a great experience where it can be fun and helpful.
It's an average school. There are some teachers that are really trying to help you and there are others that aren't. The vibe of the school isn't too great. There's quite some violence.
JC Harmon may not be the best school, but, as a recent graduate, i can say that they provided with meny opportunities that could help you get a jumpstart in college which is amazing.
I've performed exceptionally while at J.C. Harmon. Curriculum isn't very strong but there's an option to enroll into college classes and accumulate college credits while still in high school. Absolutely for free. One thing I'd like to see change at Harmon is the atitude certain teachers have towards students that neglect school. Them allowing this is totally unacceptable.
This was my first year at Harmon. I enjoyed it a lot. Its a very friendly environment, and the teachers are very involved and very motivating.
At J C Harmon High, the student body makeup is 52 percent male and 48 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 86 percent. J C Harmon High is 1 of 5 high schools in the Kansas City.
I really enjoyed the teachers I had and the willingness to help you succeed. The overall school wasn't bad and I think the opportunities were available if you were willing to work for it.
JC Harmon is a great School the teachers help you Out A lot. You can understand the school's policies. They understand your every need They try to make the School a Better Environment
I’m attending to jc Harmon hs for all 4 years.
For my self experience, this school is great. Great opportunities to become someone. What I would like to see to change about this school is the spirit. The spirit brings many ways of culture for my school.
Its been pretty good, its been a good 4 years the teachers are helpful, kind, care about our education.
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Ive been going here for 2 years its a great school the administration is very good and the teachers too they put all they're effort into there job and i just like this school so much i want to graduate from here and in the future send my kids here.
I like the environment. Its a small school and great staff members. My 4 years here have been great and I'm glad I am part of the school community. The only thing I would change about my experience here would be the School lunch. It wasn't pleasant and also I didn't enjoy it.
At J C Harmon High I liked how our school offers their students many opportunity to take college programs and tech program for the many upper class man, who are done with all their require classes to start working on getting college credit. What i would change about Harmon is more help for the foreign student who come to are school that don't really understand what to do in class and end up failing.
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