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Jb Pennington High School Reviews

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J B Pennington has not only been a school to me, but it has become a home. The administrators and staff at PHS have taken the time to make sure each and every one of my classmates and I have succeeded. J B Pennington has been my home for five and a half years, and for that I am grateful. I hope that one day, in the far future, I can send my children to a school that is half as good as PHS. The dedication of each and every staff member at Pennington has been a huge encouragement to me throughout the past five years. I hope that one day I can make an impact on someone the way J B Pennington has impacted me.
J.B. Pennington High School is a great school. I’ve enjoyed my education at JBPHS! I wouldn’t want anything changed about it.
I liked how you develop a special relationship with the administrators and I can feel safe when going to school.
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I love J.B Pennington High School not only because I attend school here, but because of the Pride, Honor, and Spirit we have. My school is all about tradition and our faculty and administration make it their first priority to make our future bright.
What I like about JB Pennington is that the faculty there helps you understand what is veing taught. All of the students know each other and help those who need help also that no matter what happens we get through it together.
my experience was quit okay at JB Pennington. from 7th to 8th grade, i made quit a big change thanks to the staff.
J.B Pennington has been the best highschool a student can attend. All the staff member are very friendly and you never go unnoticed. People push you to work your hardest and everyone strives to be the best.
Classes are challenging but good grades are reachable if the students try and listen to there teachers
very clean and well protected by officers and staff
there are lots of extracurricular activities to chose from
I think it is the best school in the county
they are very active as a one one one practice
I like that every teacher will take the time to help you in anything you need. They go out of there way to help you. they made me feel very welcome when I moved here.
We have just finished renavation on our football statium/locker room .We just new floors in our Gym . We just Soccer this year
We always have a nice student section, even in poor seasons. Everyone has a chance to play, as long as you have a good attitude. Our spirit has been better in the past, but there is a push for pride, honor, and spirit.
We have many clubs and sports most schools in our area do not have. I participate in many clubs, the majority of people in school do participate, there is a huge push there.
Its good on security and protecting us
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It needs a lot of improvement
The school is in great condition everything else is what needs improvement
The sports are pretty expensive
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