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My experience at this school for the past 5 years has been the best that i could ask for.
The teachers at our school do everything that they can to help everyone, and provide lessons that everyone can understand.
The school has been undergoing some changes to help improve and maintain its luster.
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The health and safety policies are very well thought out.
Our school typically handles most cases, the few that do happen, with a lot of care and treat the students with the respect that they deserve in all cases. The main thing is girls, and what they wear to school, most of the time its just shorts being to short or clothes not being modest enough. Other than that the policies that we have are very well enforced and usually not a problem.
During my time here i have been fortunate enough to start on the football and basketball teams for the past four years, where i have revived several awards and have been recognized at the regional level in both sports. I have also been able to participate in U.I.L. events such as Lincoln Douglas debate, computer sciences, persuasive speaking, and history. most of which I've made it to the regional level. I've also been apart of 3 regional qualifying track teams, and I've also competed in The F.F.A. spring competitions such as range judging and cotton judging.
I transferred to this school and it is so much better than the school I left. I feel like everyone is there to help and that I am safe.
Nobody gets bullied and the health programs and safety is great.
Some things could change but overall it is okay.
All teachers and faculty help you in any way they can.
Everyone gets the chance to join a club, sport, or other activity. Everyone is encouraged to join something.
The school is always getting new renovations to make it as good as possible. Parent involvement is amazing and there is always tutoring available if needed. there is one guidance counselor who works really hard to make sure the students have what they need to be ready for college.
My experience at the school was amazing. I did all of the sports, participated in FFA for one year, NHS for two, FCA for 3, and UIL for 9. I could not possibly have made any better friends than the ones that I did and when I come home from College I love to visit my teachers and my friends that are still in high school.
The teachers are probably the best possible. They are always there to make sure you understand what they are teaching, they offer after school tutoring and show the best possible interest in the students.
Our school has numerous of sports to do and band! Along with that we have organizations such as: National Honor Society, FFA, 4-H, FCA, and more. Almost every student from 7-12th grade is involved in at least something.
I was not at all prepared for the "real world" after graduation. I went from the small town of Jayton to the huge town of Houston. I was, however, prepared for College thanks to my counselor having us look stuff up all of the time on what all we would need to bring.
The administration Is always there to help whomever whenever. Bullying is strictly prohibited and dress code was always enforced.
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Our school has recently been put under strict safety precautions such as Locked doors, gates at playgrounds, and new security cameras.
Although we have a few organizations such as FCA, And NHS.. Not many people participate in them because it is a small school. But on that same note, many people do participate inafter school activities such as sports related events!
Our policies are pretty standard here and very reasonable all it takes is a little bit of effort and respect and you pretty much get along with everybody!
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