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Jayhawk-Linn High School Reviews

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As a Jayhawk- Linn Hawk i used to love it. The teachers know you and connect with you on a friendship level. I would like to see the administration be more strict, they need to understand that there is a no bully policy. Sometimes i think that they don't fully know the tole that takes a on a kid.
Most of the teachers were really helpful, but some seemed uninterested and and actively avoided helping students. The administration was cliquey with most of the students also, some students getting in more trouble for something another could’ve done without consequences.
I really liked Jayhawk-Linn because it was really small and everyone connected. They could use more involvement and better food however.
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Jayhawk-Linn High School is located in rural southeast Kansas. The teachers vary in ability and drive However, I am pleased to say that most teachers care for their students and are eager to teach and make a positive impact in their classes!
Need teachers that care about students success. The facilities still need to be updated, although they have added a nice addition.
The school over all is average. The food is terrible. The teachers are really great and friendly, want to help, but students hardly learn anything. Many of the kids just screw around on their IPads all day. There is absolutely no college readiness. The staff is super nice, the activities are fun. Over-all, it's a pleasant environment but no learning is accomplished.
yo this school is fun as heck and if you don't go here you're probably lame and go to prairie view or something

(Seriously though, this place is fantastic. It's less about the academics for me, and more about the people. Personality-wise, this place is hilarious, and it's a good place to go.)
It's overall a very typical school but without as much bullying and a higher quality English program.
I like the friendliness of the teachers and staff, they happily help me with the questions that I have. The principal here is very friendly you could ask him anything that you needed to, school related or not.
This is the High School i've gone to for the past three years and the one i'll be graduating from this year. They're not the best but it is pretty good if you want a well rounded education with a lot of one on one teacher association but without a lot of change or diversity.
I like the hometown feel that Mound City gives off. Everyone knows who you are and what you do. Nobody is a stranger. The problem, however, is that most of the students are homegrown. That notion of family deciding who plays where or who gets picked for what is real. This town thrives off of this practice. There are people around here who care about who you are, and others who don't.
I enjoy this school environment because everybody knows everybody. You walk through school feeling like you can talk to any student. The teachers to a good job of communicating with their students.
The school is very relaxed and the faculty trust most of the students. The teachers care and try their hardest to help students get ahead in their education. It is a small school so everyone knows each other and that helps the atmosphere.
I have enjoyed my time at Jayhawk Linn, I have been involved with sports and other extracurricular activities. The staff is very helpful and doesn't hesitate to help after class. I would say the only way to improve the school would to try and get more kids to be involved in outside activities.
I enjoy the environment of the school. You know practically everyone because the school is small. I wish that the teachers were more involved with the students. Some of them are obviously there just to draw a paycheck. The academic rigor of the school could be improved. I feel as though the students here are at a disadvantage when it comes to their education compared to those from a larger school, but I think this is typical.
Academics at this school are too easy, they are not challenging enough compared to other schools. The curriculum and class scheduling both need large amounts of improvement. And to some the workload may be heavy, but for myself personally it is light considering how difficult the classes are meant to be.
Our extracurricular activities severely lack in diversity and number. There are few clubs that do not cross over with another in some way, shape, or form. Not many students are involved in many different clubs and administration does not get involved much either.
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My school experience has not been too difficult. There isn't really anything that sets our school apart from others, and when it comes to the challenge level of our academics we are severely low. In reality my classes have not been as challenged as they should have been. I feel this is not good because the low challenge levels do not prepare students for their future experiences in college and the real world.
Teachers at our school overall are pretty average. Some do as much as they can to ensure that their students are learning and excelling in the course, while others could care less allowing the students to do the bare minimum and scrape by just enough to maybe pass the class. There is also a sense of unfairness in the classrooms with some teachers, with some if the teacher does not think very highly of you then you will definitely struggle in the classroom, but if they do like you then you will likely do very well.
The teachers are great, but a lot of the time we are given busy work. Students hate busy work. We want to be challenged and many of us like hands-on experiences because it keeps us focused on the task. Many of us hate the fact that we aren't being taught things that will actually help us later on in life. More than likely we won't need to know the quadratic formula in life.
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