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Jay Stream Middle School Reviews

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Teachers were great. I ran track and field. made many friends. The three years flow right by. Made me the man I am today.
I felt very safe at that school. My only complaint would be about the nurse. She could've been a lot better...Bandaids won't help a stomach ache.
The teachers there are generally good. There are a couple that come off as mean but otherwise the staff and workload was fine.
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Being in a sport or apart of band was the biggest after school activities we had. They didn't have many clubs but if you ever needed help with academics, there was always a teacher or group that was willing to stay after and help.
It's just like any other middle school team, a majority of the crowd is family of the athletes with a fair amount of students. It's only when we go up against our rival jr. high that a majority of the students and staff go.
I'm a very social person so my experience was great. There were still some cliques but for the most part everyone's group overlapped.
It is overall pretty average. Nothing was great nor bad. We had everything we needed to be successful.
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