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Jay M. Robinson Middle School Reviews

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Oh my god. That place was horrid. The teachers suck (Mitchell Beyer I'm talking about you), they go way too hard on the dress code (Yes.. Theresa Lucero), and that cafeteria food tastes like my left shoe. Overall its just a horrendous place.
For the most part, this is a really good school. Some teachers are kind of unprofessional and don't know how to teach as many kids as they have to very well, which is understandable. There is a decent amount of busywork, but it's fine if you can manage your time well. The food was as good as you'd expect from any normal public school. I was taught a lot when I went here and I remember many good experiences.

A lot of the bad reviews are about bullying. Honestly, the bullying isn't all that bad. Everyone has their own problems, and people don't understand with that. It's simply a vicious circle of people not knowing where to go for help or what to do with their problems. That's also understandable though, since they're just confused kids.
Most teachers in this school can't teach, and lazy, and they don't want to help the kids. The adults here are rude.
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so far my experience has been okay, some teachers can't teach well which led me and other classmates to struggle in class and try to catch up in class. I would go back but not take certain classes again because of the teachers
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