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Jay M. Robinson High School Reviews

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Overall the school is great if you are placed in, or take advanced classes. If you are a student that underachieves, it can be difficult to grow. The effort you put in will dictate the reward you get out of it.
Best thing about Jay M Robinson High School is the different programs they have for you to complete your core cluster. This helped me make my mind up into majoring in Nursing when I attend college
The high school is a decent size but the age of it is very apparent when you step foot in it. Also very strict dress code and phone rules are enforced so that’s a down side to someone like me who didn’t abuse the opportunity of using my phone in school before the new rules were put in place.
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I loved the art program at this school and it encouraged me to pursue art in college. Not all teachers were all that caring, but a few did make a huge mark on my life.
Jay M Robinson is a very welcoming and diverse school that does a lot to make students feel safe and like they are going to get a good education that will prepare them for College. The teachers here are all super friendly and willing to help you whenever you need it, whether it be with school work, college preparation, or home life. The only real problems at Robinson is the fact that the school is a little outdated, but that's being fixed with new upgrades and technology for the school, the school doesn't really promote some events very well, and that counselor wise, unless you're a senior, they don't really reach out to you much you're the one that has to reach out to them.
The school is a clean and safe environment. The teachers are very friendly and it is very easy to connect with them. They are willing to help at any time. There are many clubs to participate in, and even if you do not see a club that you want you have the ability to make your own. The only downside is that sometimes the students are not great to be around and have a tendancy to start fights.
Jay M Robinson is like a family unit they care about all of their students and want the best for them. The teachers are wonderful they are always willing to help you whether you're one of their students or not. Something's that should change are teachers getting recognized for their hard work and wanting to do more for students that need help. Lots of things has changed in the last year. The school has become better and more innovative towards teachers and students.
Staff very rude, but I had an amazing experience with the friends I met. I also met the man I plan on marrying and starting a family with during those years. Now I’m in college and passing because they prepared me for college.
Overall Jay M Robinson was a good school. I think they teach you many skills that will make you successful in the long run.
I am still attending Jay M Robinson High School. I moved here sophomore year and actually really enjoy going here. I am in AP and honors classes, so the academics for me are really good. It's a fairly nice school.
I love the Jay m Robinson culture. The sports were always pretty good st Jay M. I would like to see something happen to get more kids involved and motivated to improve grades as there were a lot of kids who seemed to just not care, but there are definitely plenty of opportunities to be great going into college from Jay M Robinson.
I loved Jay M. Robinson High School, the teachers were all really great and got along very well with the students. The extra curricular activities were always a good time, watching football games in the student section and playing for the baseball team were the best part about my experience at Robinson. I would like to see the student section grow even bigger and to see the school spirit get back to being as high as it was when I was a freshman at Robinson.
I love going to Robinson, most fun and interesting 4 years. I got to see so many different things change and I had the opportunity to watch the school grow with me. I was a bit of a social butterfly and was invested in many different friend groups, there was such a diverse population however, we all had one goal that brought us together... to GRADUATE! There was so much pride throughout the years for our teams and for the most part a lot of us had many commonalities when it came to what we were thinking and how we felt that day.
The school needs to make changes regarding the use of technology by students as well as the county needs to work on finding better substitute teachers.
My son's recent (2016-17-18) experience at Jay M Robinson was positive because of the teachers and coaches. He didn't like the social climate morally. He made excellent grades good ACT (25) - Teachers control the classrooms as much as can be expected and do a good job trying to keep the students engaged and academically motivated. The football coaches are outstanding and have accomplished a lot. We moved here from a state with 6A size schools who compete in the state championship in football every year. Those schools have booster club support, church support, team breakfasts, team dinners, team get togethers, father & son events, they are motivated in the weight room, have access to trainers, etc. Coach Glass and his staff have somehow managed to do all of those same things with far fewer resources. My only complaints is locker room music with vulgar language, outspoken blaming of refs., and a coach who teased our son about "having scratches from a boyfriend". :/ --
Jay M Robinson high school was a great high school for public education. I think that the teachers were great and the administration was good at creating a safe environment for students. The one thing i would change for at the school was the food and the cleanliness of the school it wasn't terrible but it could be improved. The overall safety of the school was great there was never a time that i honestly felt that my life was in danger while attending the school.
I transferred to Jay M Robinson from A school up in Connecticut. When I first came to the school I was nervous and didn’t want to go because I missed home. The student there made me feel welcomed though so that lifted me up. As I continued to attend I started making new friends and also after my sophomore year I ended up contuning my football career with them for junior and senior year. Had a great time here and now ready for college just need a little help paying well a lot but everything counts.
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I like Jay M because I enjoy the majority of my classmates and teachers. However I do not like some of the choices administration has made in the way they communicate with the students and in the way our opinions do not matter when the decision they are making is affecting us.
Very nice school with great teachers and wonderful staff. I got to know many of the teachers on a personal level and they looked out for not only me but all of their students. They truly want the best for their students and will go the extra mile to make that happen. Nice layout, cafeteria, and school objectives that make attendance at their particular high school pleasurable.
It is a very good school. Teachers are nice and staff as a whole is nice. I would like to see the lunches be a little longer though because by the time we go through the line and sit down we have like 10 minutes to eat, which isnt a lot of time.
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