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My experience here in John Jay has been very fun and interesting as being a student here for the past 4 years. The teachers are always so helpful as well as upperclassmen who are very accepting of others. The food here is quite balanced with a healthy meal and some fruit on the side so that way you don't over eat.
I very much liked my experience at Jay High school. My teachers were very kind and understanding, the classrooms were very diverse, and administration was overall well maintained. I was also able to make many life-long friends and other bonds that will not be forgotten.
The teachers are great the classes are really easy and you’ll think it’s bad but it’s actually not you just gotta give it time to settle and you’re good
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my experience with jay high school is ok ,just depending on who hang around with and who you trust others or be independent but other than that its a ok school.
What I like about my school was it taught me a lot for one and joining the bowling club made my involvement more enjoyable the teachers and admin are always willing to work with you and help you succeed
The school does not focus on academics at all, Jay primarily focuses on the students clothes and what they should and should not be wearing. All four years I had gone their teachers did not care in teaching me but instead relied on the internet and online sources to teach. Many fights happen on and off campus and the administration are extremely rude to students and parents they act as if they are superior.
Jay is a very exciting, fun, spontaneous, school with many great benefits. I am college ready all the time and I love the school spirit we carry everyday. I want to be the best at this school and I will make my country proud.
the time at my school was tremendously vague. The mornings were the best and I love everything. The cafeteria food is just so incredible.
I liked how the teacher's really try to push you into being successful. The kids I don't really enjoy because they are always causing issues with me that get me in a really down mood. But over all with the staff and the administrators really impacted my high school career for the better.
my high school was great overall because I made it good. There's a lot of thing I would change in my school. There really isn't a lot of socialism over here honestly and that kind of a sucks , especially for me since i'm a big outgoing person myself .
A lot is said about how bad it is but this school produces college ready students that have college paid for and for big and well known people from the academic field.
My experience at Jay is overall a good view. Teachers are nice and cool at times but do need to be monitored at times. I wish the students were more excited with school spirit.
Jay has been great. If you’re part of the Science and Engineering Academy magnet school there, you’re required to do academic research and must present your research to judges. This prepares you to not only do research and study topics you’re interested in, but also present your ideas to others in a well thought out way. In addition, there is a room called “Maker Space”, where students are given access to be creative and involved in the STEM world at anytime, giving student access to 3D print and use computer programs like Inventor. The school is very focused on STEM and really gives students opportunities to be leaders in their communities (for example, we do STEM Fest, a huge festival for STEM which is completely student led). However, Jay has a 100% retake policy and a policy which allows you to turn all assignments in late without consequence. I feel this late policy creates a lazy attitude.
Overall a good schol really good teachers their is however a lot a fights and the occasional drugs without much involvement from administrators
I go to the Science and Engineering Academy located on the Jay campus. The resources available are fantastic as all the teachers are willing to help you succeed. The policies for late work are also very forgiving, providing a safety net for students that may be struggling. The best part by far is the student body. All types of people attend the school, and most are very driven. Everyone is baseline polite, and manners are present throughout the campus. Any student who wants to make a difference can, resulting in several different clubs that include all students interested. The administration is the only downside, as their capabilities stop them from making the school 100% safe for everyone. But despite that you will be surrounded by excellent teachers and peers that are always willing to help you out.
Faculty and staff where always friendly and cared about our education. The school is located in a decent area of town which borders lower income areas, student graduation and pregnancy rates are questionable at times. It is home to the Science and Engineering Academy which is an excellent and well known program, majority of students in this program have made their way to prestigious universities.
What I like about the school is some teachers can help and teach you nor then you know. And I like it because someone the staff can put apositive impact on a person's life.
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I love John Jay High School, it has very good academics and extracurricular activities. This school treats me very well, to be honest I like this home than my actual home.
I would like so see more administrative staff support through the education at my school. The learning experience is great, however some of the teachers need to learn when to move on to the next subject, that way everybody understands the subject before moving on to the next.
At Jay I am in the Magnet school which in Science and Engineering Acdemy. The reson I love it is the expirence I get I true feel like it is preparing me for college. With STEM out reach programs I can work and excersize my lerdership skills.
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