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If you're looking for an average school with a welcoming atmosphere, Jay High School is perfect. There aren't many clubs or activities, but whatever you choose, they will take you in like family and help you to grow. If you take school seriously and take every opportunity you're presented, you can grow here and find yourself.
Jay schools have a really good staff. Each staff member has each students learning capabilities in mind as they teach. The only thing I would change is the appreciation for marching band as a sport. It takes so much dedication and the athletes need to realize the work band puts in.
My High School experience is one I'll not soon forget. I would much rather attend a small and close knit school like this, rather than a large city school.
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I enjoyed attending Jay High School, my only wish would be that we had more resources and funding available for our district so that we as students could compete on a national level. Jay is very poor economically and is not able to provide the funding necessary to sustain quality teachers and academics.
I like Jay High School because everyone is supportive of each other. I live in a small town so parents are always apart of school activities especially sports. It's nice being apart of such a supportive community with people cheering you on. Although High School has it's downsides and everyone isn't nice all the time, Overall Jay is a good school.
All four year of high school has been a blast for me. Everyone is so nice and everyone has respect for one another. What I like about Jay is that we are a small town and everyone knows one another. The thing I would like to see change at Jay is parent involvement. Parents don't get to involve in a lot of activities at Jay.
Jay High School is a wonderful school in a very small town. Thanks to being in a small community, we tend to grow very close to each other and care about one another deeply. We also don't have to worry about a lot of violence or disputes between one another as much as other schools would. Overall, we're simply a small school that makes a big impact.
This school shaped me into a great person. Many great memories
My experience at Jay High School is great! Everyone is so accepting and understanding here, we all consider each other as family! Here at Jay High School, bullying is definitely NOT tolerated! and our principal always does a good job at disciplining students to choose that path. Our counselor is also very helpful, she is always giving out great advices on college. I'd choose to attend this school again if I had a choice.
The only safety we have at school against anything happening is the unarmed police officer, we're all supposed to hide if something happens though. The nurse, well she won't give you anything for pain or personal problems (ladies), she won't even let you go home unless you have a temperature and/or she's had you snack on crackers and ginger ale for an hour.
You have no choice but to get the main meal if you go in the lunch line, but if you don't then you'll have to fish out some money for the vending machines with nothing but healthy snacks in it that taste like dirt. And chips, but the chips are actually kind of good.
The administration that I know it ok, the ones that I don't know, I hope I never meet. Especially the ones on the school board. The Principals are helpful and make an effort to appear to us students every day. The dress code is a bit like a Catholic schools but lags when it's a favorite student.
The coaches will by new uniforms every year for new students, even if the money would be better used fixing and replacing the broken bats and lost softballs.
A good amount of teachers go above and beyond to know their students and most retain friendly relations with their previous pupils.
There are many clubs and organizations but getting students to join is a challenge, plus the only real time that the clubs and/or organizations have meetings are during Homecoming Week, the week leading up to the Talent Show and when they have a food sale.
It's a small school, you often get outdone.
Our nurse isn't the best, along with the health codes from the government, the only thing that going to the nurse will get you is the chance to go home. Getting medicine from the nurse is impossible. The officers are great! They are friendly and make everyone feel safe.
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There are many policies here that make going to school a pain sometimes. Especially with our hot weather during the spring months, wearing jeans is excessively hot an uncomfortable. The administration is very strict on these codes also.
The friends I have made at this school will last me a lifetime. I wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything in the whole world. Living in a small town makes everything personal, especially the teachers and friends. The one on one help is nice here, where I may have not gotten it at a different school. Jay is unique in every way, I had the great opportunity to spend my years learning here.
There could always be more offered to help students further their education rather than the bare minimum to get by and graduate. I wish there were more opportunities to learn and challenge myself.
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