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I liked that Jay High School is small. What I would like to see changed is administrations attitudes.
My high school experience has been amazing! Jay offered me so many amazing opportunities. I was able to be a part of a variety of clubs, and was given the opportunity to play every sport I had hoped to. Jay is a very open-minded school and they take into consideration every idea they are given. For example, my dad started the first tennis team Jay has ever had when i was in the fifth grade, and because of this, I was able to participate in the sport that has shaped me throughout the years.
Jay High School is a very small school with about 500 7th grade-12th! Our community is very dedicated to providing supplies and money, to ensure we are successful in the classroom and in athletics!! Jay is not very big, but that opens up many opportunities for students to succeed in academics, clubs, and athletics!
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The teachers are not at all helpful and they tend to get rid of the few helpful ones and the administration is currupt.
My experience at Jay High School was great! I was involved in many extracurricular activities and did some dual enrollment classes at night as well as regular classes throughout the day. Jay has many different sports and clubs to choose from to get involved with your peers. They also give you opportunity to receive college credit through dual enrollment and the AICE program. There is not much racial diversity, but it is a very small school in a remote town so I would not expect it to have a lot of diversity. The only thing I would change is the food, due to the fact it just is not very appetizing.
I have attended Jay High School from 7-12 grade and have enjoyed my experience. The small school size allows for a much more personal experience than at a larger school. The teachers are great, however, some departments are stronger than other.
I am an alumni of Jay High School, all I can say about it is, they truly connect with you and prepare you for college, by really investing into your learning experiences.
The school is kept very clean and people rarely get sick. The school nurse is very helpful. The school is very safe and we do have a correctional officer.
I was in art club and spanish club and loved them both. I did not participate in any sports.
It was a small school but that made it more personable. I felt comfortable with going to everyone in the school. The high school was recently rebuilt and is much better now than it use to be.
I loved all of my teachers in High school. They cared about us all very much and concerned themselves with our grades and well being.
This school is moderately safe. We have one resource officer that has his own office and every student knows where they can find him. Another safety precaution this school takes is the monthly fire drills. This school continuously strives to make sure everything in the school works property and that all students feel secure and comfortable at school.
I actually moved to this high school my eighth grade year. The best thing at this school is the offered dual enrollment classes. Plus, we have incorporated a curriculum from Cambridge University called AICE. This is a rigorous course that could end in 30 college credits by the time we graduate high school. What's better than that? Overall, this school has caused more emotional distress than anything due to the type of people in the small community. The best thing about it is the better education I know they have.
At my school there are a few good quality teachers that hope for the best for all of their students. I tend to take the classes with these teachers, however, not every one takes the honor classes such as I. The regular curriculum classes have teachers that do not take it as serious as they should. Therefor, most students are not getting the full quality education they are always promised throughout adolescence. Thus, many students tend to struggle or fail the FCAT, which is the state-wide test that is given. This is now known as FSA.
They appear to be highly experienced in the field of study. They incorporate teaching styles to allow for academic growth opportunities for each and every student and they go above and beyond to all students. They allow for hands on activities for engaging and maintaining the interest for all students. The grade portal allows for parental involvement; it is appreciated. The teachers are accessible for communication.
Extracurricular opportunities are of great at Jay High School. Clubs and extracurricular opportunities at our school are fully supported by staff/administration/ community. They students get involved and have opportunities to show off their talents and interests.
Health and safety are of utmost concern at Jay High School. They have an on-sight, engaged County Sheriff (resource officer) available for any needs within school time hours.
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Jay High School offers students unique opportunities, where they can engage in activities to help inspire individual talents, personal growth, and academic growth. For a small school, they strive to offer opportunities to engage students and promote active participation in each student's personal journey toward academic and vocational growth. Jay High School is committed to our community, closely collaborating to ensure community involvement and participation in the educational process.
Jay high School is a wonderful place to send your children. The teachers and staff are wonderful and they are so understanding and helping.
The only time I ever felt I was being bullied, administration took care of it fast. It doesn't happen often but when it does it is taken car of quickly.
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