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I like Jay County High School. The school offers many dual credit courses. I feel as though the teachers there treat my peers and I fairly. We have lots of sports that people can get involved in. We also have a great band program that I am a part of.
This school is great and gives me the opportunity to get involved. I have been at this school four years and there is so much to do. There are great dual credit classes along with activities.
From the moment I started here I wished nothing more then to be homeschooled. The bullying is horrible and fights break out to where the cop has to get involved. You don’t feel safe and the teachers don’t teach at all.
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Jay County High School is a very giving school. They have many opportunities that most high schools do not have, and the teachers are amazing. There are many dual credit classes as well as many extracurricular activities to choose from.
Jay County High School was a great place to attend high school. They have several opportunities for all types of personalities and interests. As part of the band I fully recommend the music activities for anyone interested. They also have a great FFA organization. The teachers are great and are usually very kind and helpful. JCHS was a great place to go to school and prepared me well for college.
I loved having the opportunity to take many college credit classes and that the school is trying to "keep up with the times."
I would like people to have more respect and kindness. I would like the teachers to respect different learning types more often.
I believe that Jay County does strive to do what is best to help their students get to where they want to be. They offer many vocational classes, if that is the path you want to travel, but they also offer enough college classes to allow you to graduate with an Associate's Degree. There have been some major disciplinary issue as of late, but they are working hard to correct this. Jay County is a fine school to attend.
The teachers are mostly good, but the school itself is lacking. The water fountains sometimes don't work and half the sinks in the bathrooms don't either and almost all of the girls bathrooms stalls don't have working doors.
Jay County High School is an okay school. There are a lot of classes that you can take for college credit, but the teachers don´t really help you understand the subject. I feel that people here care more about sports than they do academics. I would like to see more people care about academics rather than sports. The food here is awful and sometimes it´s not even cooked all the way. Parents aren´t that involved in anything that happens here. I would like to see parents be more involved and that the food goes back to the way it was when I was a freshman,
There are a ton of clubs and sports that you can join. We have dual credit classes, with which you can graduate high school, going into college with an associate's degree already. We have a bunch of classes that gear toward your diploma (obviously) plus a bunch of college credit classes, which is awesome! The teachers try their best to educate us according to the standards. There are a lot of students that complain about the school, but in my eyes, there are a lot worse schools. We have opportunities that other high schools don't. Some teachers don't just consider us students, a lot of them consider us more than that, like their own children. I'd say Jay County High School is pretty awesome.
I like how this school offers college credit for some class but I would like the school to have better food and it's not diverse as it should be.
From the moment I started attending Jay County, I've wanted nothing more than to leave. This isn't normal teenage angst- it's just a really bad school. The teachers are overworked and underfunded, and the food is terrible. It's an okay place to make friends and survive if you're normal, but gods forbid you be anything but white, cisgendered, and heterosexual. If by chance you aren't, and something were to happen to you, you can go spend hours in the office talking to the dean, who will assure you that he is doing everything in his power to fix things, even though he isn't. The only reason this school is getting one star is because it wouldn't allow me to give a lower score.
Bullying seems to not have a strong hold in the school, but there is some. The school had measures in place for personal safety, along with measures to keep the school as a whole protected. The school nurse seems to be one of the best, although most of the time, they give a mint and send the student back to class.
The teachers seem to care about all of the students, while still playing favorites in certain cases. the teaching styles are mostly the same, with college classes having more of a college-like atmosphere in them. the teachers seem to know their material ahead of time, and they grade on the same type of scale.
Most of the teachers seem to actually care about students succeeding in their classes. While the curriculum is sometimes difficult, they try to make it easy to understand and are almost always available if questions arise. the schedule is on a 5-block schedule, meeting every day for 75 minuets each. While there are strict guidelines, the classes are up for the students to grab. The workload is based on class, with the more advanced classes tending to have more homework.
There is something for everyone. No matter the kind of person, there is something that fist their interests to some degree. While there are not many times outside of athletics to meet, there is a Friday once a month that takes care of this issue. There is everything from foreign language clubs to Best Buddies, and there are different amounts of commitment needed. Some clubs are ran by the students, with only an administrative adviser needed in case of emergencies.
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The FFA and Band programs are one of the best in the state. They offer a good assortment of class. Sport teams are a favorite in the community.
My favorite experiences at this school have been because of a few nice teachers, and the choral program. This school is unique because it is the only high school in the huge county (Jay County.) The school is okay. Not terrible, but not that great.
Between band/choir/athletics and various clubs that are available, it is easy to find where you really belong. Once I found where I am my best and myself, it was easy to make friends. For the most part, friendships were easy to make, but also puts them to the test. The fact that friendships are easily made and almost all of the teachers care about the students is the one thing that makes this school unique. I would chose to go to Jay County high school again mostly for the experiences, the ability to get more involved, and to make more friendships.
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