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Poor administration, horrible teachers, totally idiotic counselors. Actually one of the worst schools in the area - there are not only drug problems but widespread cheating as well (and not the casual cheating that happens in sitcoms; think of cheating rings that every valedictorian is involved in). Teachers and counselors don’t handle this issue nearly at all.
I liked the concept of block lunch because all the students could hang out and talk. I would do something about the stress level because of the tremendous amount of homework that is given out.
Jasper is a very academically competitive school. Students here are often involved in several extracurricular activities while also being in honors and/or AP courses. Jasper High School does a lot to prepare students for college, such as teaching students how to manage their time wisely and how to take proper notes.
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This might be the most competitive school anywhere around, but man, was it fun! Awesome extra-curricular and fine arts motivation, A-plus teachers and preparation for tests, and a diverse community where anyone can fit in. relatively low violence, drug or alcohol usage amongst student body makes it feel safe.
Great experience that prepared me pretty well for senior high and college. Arguably one of the best high schools in North Texas.
Well during my time here, the teachers are chill and they're really fun to work with. There are some problems that need to fixed in the school, but overall the school is great. Many Asians, African-Americans, Caucasians, and Hispanics attend this school. So. If you're interested in diversity this is the school.
Pretty good academics with really hard classes. It's hard to not be challenged. The food is mostly bad with the occasional decent meal. Some of the teachers are mean/dumb but most are really good.
very focused on academics, to the point that it was a bit unhealthy. strong in music, art, and science fair, as well as other academic competitions
Teachers were very rude on the first day I asked my sons teacher if my son was allowed to turn in assignment a day late due to him being sick and she just Walked away I'm am very very dissatisfied and the outside of the school looks like an asylum so if you bring you child here your in for a rude awakening I will not be taking my younger children here
it challenges you and has good teachers but they overload kids sometimes. They give students an hour for lunch and during that time they can go to tutorials and get help with their studies. It gives kids a break in the middle of they day. They also have chrome books for every student. Students have to pick them up in the morning and they carry them around all day till their last class. They are very useful.
The school is good, but the students are competitive if you want that to bother you. You need to work hard to be in the top ten. The counselors are okay, and although the administration tries to be involved they really aren’t. The teachers are good depending on who you get. For homework it’s a normal amount and easy to complete if you have the time. The tests are really hard. The students are nice however some are quite bothersome which is normal.
I love the rigorous coursework, and all of the tools that are available to us as students, in order to further our academic prowess.
Jasper is an amazing school. It has wonderful teacher to help the students with their needs. The only problem with Jasper is that it is extremely competitive. So many people are trying to outdo each other to get the best grade and to get the better rank. While Jasper does have a lot of challenging tests and a ton of homework, if you are willing to put in the time, the work, and the effort, you will be successful and college ready.
Jasper is the pinnacle of High School Education. If you are one of the best in Jasper, then you are one of the best students in the United States. Not only does Jasper have great core classes, it also has a multitude of electives to choose from. You're problem won't be finding one that you like, it'll be choosing one! The teachers are excellent, and while many students don't appreciate them for what they do, they offer test corrections, helpful tutorials, and offer insightful lectures. Jasper would be nothing without it's teachers. The students are the cream-of-the-crop. They are intelligent, focused, and diligent with their studies. I have found many friends here, and I think anyone can fit in. The music program is one of the best in the world, and the extracurricular clubs are very interactive and fun to take part of.
Competitive and very diverse. Here you'll meet a lot of interesting students who commit to many, many interesting things in their free time.
Jasper is the best one out of all PISD junior high schools. This school is very good academically. The competition is outrageous, but it gives a good push for college readiness. The environment is pretty friendly and the teachers are supportive all the way.
Jaspee was a great place to learn, it is very competitive and highly motivative. There are a lot of good students who are smart, but everyone is in competition and it's really stressfull
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The only thing that people care about here is their grades and GPA. This has created a horrible school environment, where kids are insanely competitive, but the school still looks good because of our extremely high test scores. Kids who would be getting many opportunities in other school districts are left behind because they aren't as hyper competitive as the top 5% of each class.
This school and many of their students are largely consumed by their GPA. Many students are extremely competitive and tend to focus on getting nothing but stright A's. The workload can be overwhelming, but the fact that there isn't much partying or having fun doesn't make it better. The Band program is excellent! I experienced and learned alot; It was also a great opporunity for me to escape the stress of attending this school.
Some great teachers and there's a good ambiance and great school spirit. However, there is a lot of unnecessary work. This is good in a way because the amount of work we get is similar to college so we're college ready. There's also much competition.
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