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High school has been the best years of my life! This school went above and beyond to make sure I graduated with everything I needed. They help out when they need to and they make sure everyone is on track. It’s really an awesome school!
My sophomore year the chemistry teacher was moved to biology the second six weeks and we never got a replacement.
I liked that the Pre-AP teachers and AP teachers knew the subject they were teaching very well and were good with working with students who needed additional help or just didn’t quite grasp a concept. I didn’t like that athletics was viewed as higher, or more important than academics.
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Jasper High School is just an average school. The teachers and other administration workers focus more on the clothes we wear, rather than our education. I believe that our school should really focus on giving the students a better education, and allow us to be our self.
The school spirit is apparent throughout staff and students. Though, the spirit overshadows education most of the time. The district has lost several dedicated teachers because of the lack of concern for academics, in comparison to sports. The newly constructed sports complex is magnificent, complete with concession stands, baseball and softball fields, track and football stadium. The district only docked the teachers pay and went without textbooks and calculators for a few years in order to build it. Needless to say, the district is very sports oriented.
Jasper high school isn't the best but it was necessary. Jasper high school doesn't have the best teachers or class readiness but has more education than any other school in jasper county.
some teachers could do better at their teaching and how they approach students.
Jasper High School have various clubs and organizations that are committed to excellence such as the Key club, Lions club, Athletes For Christ, Avid, FFA etc. Theses organizations equip the students for leadership and learn ore about themselves and their peers.
The quality of teachers is great. They take time from their schedules before and after school in ensuring students are well equipped for testing and daily work. Grades are consistent with school policy.
Jasper High is a very safe school. It has a Police/Resource officer on site through out the day. Bullying is not tolerated if seen or reported. The school nurse keeps parents informed of any missing immunizations etc.
What makes this school unique is that the administration, teachers and parents are working hard on ensuring that quality education for the student is top priority whether it's general or special education. They have a spotlight night where students can showcase their talents in art, science, music etc. They also keep parents informed via email, phone call, mail or through family access on school's web site. Parents can check grades and chat with teachers if have questions.
When I go to school I feel safe even though the todays world isn't safe.
The school doesn't offer many other organizations after school.
The community comes together for anything.
The teachers that I have had have helped me in many ways!
Jasper High School is a friendly and fun school to attend. State scores are on the rise, the athletic support is amazing. You have fun while learning!
Jasper High School is amazing. You cant get that type of fun out of any other school.
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Students don't try very hard.
There is not very many times when I have felt unsafe.
Overall, this school is a good school.
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