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The school has a great experience. There is nice small classes. One class i have only have four students in the class.
I once complained in writing with the principal that my daughter was being bullied relentlessly by a specific girl who is known for rude and pushy behavior. She was supposed to handle it And get back with me. Never heard anything about it again so now my daughter just takes things into her own hands. If she bullied her now, she will get really rude with the girl. I now encourage getting physical with bullies since nothing is done.

My oldest got some retaliation from a teacher after I told the superintendent that I did NOT want my kids cleaning up mouse poop at their school again. My daughter said there was a LOT. The teacher who had the students doing it was a total jerk to my daughter and then denied what she said. The counselor was nice enough to change my daughter's class.

The teachers bully the kids And get away with it and there is a rodent problem apparently.
The school tries to encourage everyone to put their kids in tutoring even if they don't really need it. I think it's just extra income for them to have more kids in after school programs.

My daughter played basketball for years. Well, I had a problem with the lunch lady/coach sitting her out all the time even though she was one of the better players and there were only 6 or 7 girls on the team. Then even with a different coach last year, they set the less popular girls up to fail. The work with the favorites more. Its sad. So she isn't playing anymore. And she really liked basketball. She was good at it. Same thing happened with volleyball. Popularity shouldn't determine how much you get to play. The adults just encourage this snobby behavior
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We've had some pretty bad experiences with several staff members...not just teachers. Very rude. They can get away with just about anything because the problems They create get blown off...swept under the rug every time. Nobody gets fired at this school unless they molest children and it gets spread on the news. Then they have no choice. I wish we never decided to buy a home in this district. There are some good teachers here. They usually don't stay. But the bad ones and the other staff including the higher up positions make me hate this place. My kids are really sweet and well behaved and have good grades. Certain people working here should be let go. They seem miserable and are making others miserable too.
My experience at this school was great; between being able to personally know all of my class mates by name was nice. The teachers were helpful and can see when someone is struggling and offer to help. The moral has also increased with some new faculty members that are doing a great job.
Jasper is set up More for the average student. If you are slightly above average the school offers little to challenge these students. Teachers are good at conveying information is a way that is conductive to learning and easy to remember.
Being a smaller rural school the options have always been limited; over the past few years with the addition of a new lunch room and a different food supplier the choices for lunch have dramatically increased. The faculty is always trying to add more options to the menu.
Athletic opportunities are expanding with the addition of men's and women's cross country track. The facilities man not all be top of the line but the coaches do an excellent job! With the facilities we have the students are still able to do very well at competition compared to some of the other schools in the area with slightly better facilities. This fuels better school spirit and pride.
Extracurricular activities were of a wide range, they included sports, FFA, FCCLA, FCA, Band just to name a few. The faculty were trying to encourage students to create more groups to get more students involved.
The health and safety policies at the school were some of the more strict in the area.
The school is updating older buildings and equipment along with adding new classes. This school is also partnering with other area schools to offer classes that it can not currently support on its' own.
I will graduate in May and I don't feel as prepared as I'd like to. Again, a small school can't offer as many diverse classes as a larger school.
We have a great school Nurse and a part time resource officer. The officer makes his presence known when he is here. We practice lock down procedures and have a school safety committee. Overall I feel safe going to school everyday.
It's a very small school so "extras" aren't available. It has a great FFA program. It is a rural community and there are lots of kids interested in agriculture. There are bullies, but if it were something serious, kids watch out for each other. If the is a kid who is obviously different or a bit challenged, rarely do other kids pick on that one.
Most bigger schools have clubs I've never even heard of at my school we have the main clubs most every school mostly has which is FFA, FBLA, FCCLA, and FCLA and International club but it just depends what kind of person you are and if you get along with the sponsors which sometimes is the problem but not all the time. Most of the sponsors are pretty cool and easy to get along with.
We don't really have any special honors in my school.
School food.. well is it any better than hospital food? The answer is no and we all know that hospital food is a bit on the taste less side. The only way you know you wont go hungry is if you enjoy apples or any sort of fruit your guaranteed that for free for sure.
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I do attend a small school so there isn't very many options but with the little options we have people seem to still be very involved and do anything and everything possible to make our school shine and win those trophies. We recently added a new shelter and gym plus a weight room which is very nice because it is also our cafeteria. Our school is always willing to work together in any kind of sports activities or anything to help the kids succeed in whatever the case may be.
Students are all treated equally and the rules consist to all there isn't any playing favorites. Students are allowed to wear jeans with tons of holes. Many don't understand why its such a problem but I believe it's because it looks trashy and us as students are representing the school and we should always look our best. Other than that rule nothing else seems to bother the students.
I am very sad that next month will be my last May attending my high school. Over the past five years of attending this school I've learned to enjoy it. I've made many friends and many memories. Its a small school and that is good because it gives the teachers more time to spend with each of us. I had the chance to go to any school and I still chose to attend Jasper High.
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