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The school has excellent teachers who care for their students and help them succeed. There are many clubs that anyone can join that can help them with social skills.
I really like Jasper. Even though it's a very competitive sports school, I still think it's quite nice. The only issue I have is the overly-competitive students.
Teachers are excellent. Curriculum was challenging. Having the availability of having the Patoka Valley programs that allowed the exploration of your field of interest was beneficial. Going into the medical field, HOSA has really helped open my eyes into the different avenues of what I am going to do.
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Jasper High School is a great high school for the area. It is ranked highly and students who leave are prepared for college. I was able to get out of several courses at university because I had dual credit from Jasper. The science and math departments are pretty well funded, but the arts are getting the cold shoulder recently. One problem is the lack of the diversity, but that is a city problem not just the school.
I enjoyed my time at Jasper. It is place that offers something for everyone. I can't think of anything that I would want to be changed.
While I was attending Jasper High School, teachers guided and propelled us through rigorous work and studies. I want to thank all the teachers that helped me have an easier transition into college by pushing our limits.
While I was attending this school, I was able to take a wide array of classes. These classes that I took helped me narrow down my interests so that picking a major was easy. Another plus about taking classes that differed from one another is that helps you become a more well-rounded person. I am able to use what I have learned to think outside the box.
The sports program and clubs there are amazing. Almost everyone is in one thing or another. I recommend doing a sport or club so that you have other things to do besides studying.

Overall this is a great school to go to if you want to push your limits!!!
JHS gave me the opportunity to represent my community in 3 different sports and numerous organizations, all while receiving a good education.
Jasper is an overall great school but I would have loved to see more involvement and money towards programs other than just the sports. The administration is great, and the culture is fairly decent.
Jasper High School is a safe school that readies students for college. Great teachers and vast amount of clubs/sports. Could use some better teacher evaluations.
Jasper High School has a rigorous course that challenges its students and prepares them for college and life after. It offers many classes for any type of career that a student may be interested in. The staff at Jasper High School cares about their students and helps them in any struggle or question about any topic. Overall, Jasper High School is definitely a five-star!
Great School! I am part of the alumni of this school and my experience was phenomenal. The teachers did their best to work with you and help you out.
Jasper High School is outstanding. We have a wide variety of possibilities for students wanting to study different fields. Programs like HOSA for medical students and Project Lead The Way for engineering and science students allow us to learn more in depth within specific area of study. We also have a large number of honors, accelerated, and Advanced Placement classes which help us get a head start for college. Our teachers motivate us to work hard and encourage us to grow not only in our school work, but to also volunteer in our community, use our social skills, and have fun.
I really love the academics that Jasper High School offers. I want to go into the medical field, and they have many options for medical classes. They also have many great sport programs an an outstanding band and color guard program. The students here are very out of line though. To many teachers let the kids do things they shouldn't, and that needs to be fixed. Also, I wish some teachers would teach ore, rather than joking around or playing on ther phones.
Jasper High School was an amazing school to attend. I could not complain. I received the best education I could ever hope for. The best thing about Jasper is the therapy dogs and the senior class options. The dogs are just absolutely incredible and make school even more worth while. The senior class options are amazing, I loved my psychology class more than anything. Mrs. Burns is an extradionary teacher. I honestly cannot think of any downsides to Jasper High School, it was an amazing school to attend and I will be lucky to call myself a 2017 graduate!
At the Jasper High School, I enjoy all of the activities that are offered. It offers an activity which will fit everyone there. I also enjoy our great sports teams and events. I also enjoy the great variety of classes that are offered at the Jasper high school. It offers many honors and AP classes. Although I enjoy the Jasper high school, I wish that I could change a few things about the school. Not everyone is very inclusive at the Jasper high school. The school cannot do a lot about it, but many students exclude others. The school is trying it's best to change that. It has several clubs which promote inclusion like friends for Rachel and unified track. Overall it is a great school.
This school is a very great place to go and I am glad to be part of it. Of course it has flaws but I still believe that it deserves five stars.
Overall, Jasper High school offers a somewhat lenient grip when it comes to student creativity, but still manages to keep the students focused in the classroom. However, their ability to accept students with non-noticeable learning disabilities could be better. Despite this, Jasper has given me the room to grow as a student and I have matured and gained some needed confidence in my ability when it comes to my talent. Some of most amazing staff works for this school and there is never a single issue that is left unsolved by them. I am honored to go to this school and I will miss it greatly when i graduate.
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The teachers are always there to help never juding anyone. I struggled In the begging of high school but everyone had helped to succeed. I really enjoy helping other , like being teachers aide. The responsibility taught me a lot about doing a job and doing it correctly , not just to get by with very little effort but give 110%.
This is the same as other answers. Most teachers are good with students. Curriculum is what it is suppose to be. In our area, our school is the highest ranked. Others look up to our school. Counselors are terrific. Homework is a bit too much, considering every teacher from every class thinks they are the only one giving out homework. It can get overwhelming.
People have there own groups of friends and usually stick together. There are some that try to start something up, stir trouble, but the faculty usually nips it in the but. I had no peer pressure, and many friends all the way around.
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