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Jasper High School Reviews

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absolutely amazing. Everyone there is super friendly and helpful! Everyone gets along and is super nice!
I think my school is pretty safe. It doesn't have all the safety measures of a bigger school, but I feel safe at school. The teachers have an app on their phone to report if there is anything wrong in their area of the building, such as a fire or school shooter. We have a resource officer that the students love and aren't afraid to talk to. The chief of police comes and walks around the school and the students like to say hi.

I think my school is pretty healthy. Our school nurse does an amazing job. She is very qualified and works in the ER on the weekends. We have a school based health center as well.
Most students are a part of at least one club. Clubs meets during the school day since most people ride the bus. My favorite clubs are library club and math club because they are smaller and we can do service projects and field trips on shorter notice. There are a lot of other clubs to choose from as well, such as: Beta, FCCLA, FBLA, FFA, History Club, Band, Key Club, Robotics Club, and Rapid Response.
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Jasper is unique because it's like a big family.
Most of the teachers are great, especially the math and technology teachers. The staff generally want to help people learn and since the school is small everyone knows everyone. They're great people to learn from!
only sports available are basketball, baseball and running
Teachers show as much care as the student which is not much at all
If you have you are slightly picky or have any allergens then you did not have a lot of choices
Bullying is very bad at this school, but not enough care.
I did not have very many favorite experiences because I thought that the school was a nightmare
After moving to California, I realized that the small town I grew up in did not prepare me at all for what the "real world" actually was.
There are so many opportunities for everyone to be in an extracurricular activity. We have so many clubs and sports.
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