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Jasper County High School Reviews

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Jasper County High School is located in a small town where there are disadvantages regarding opportunities to students. There are very few CTAE pathways offered compared to other schools. The school can improve by adding more clubs, sports, and/or pathways.
The school has a very safe environment with strict rules on being tardy and fighting. All the teachers are easy to approach and willing to help in any way they can.
Jasper County High school is on of the safety schools. And everybody gets along really good. Over the past three years it’s hardly been any fights. And I feel like the school system itself is the best to raise kids. We have a wonderful councilors that helped us all in many good ways. And some really cool teachers that make sure you learn and also help push us to succeed. I really like how the Administration keeps us on track and doesn’t allow students at our school to be wild like others. Our school system might be the smallest over all but I am certain that it’s the best and I personally would recommend it to other people.
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Jasper County High School has its ups and downs like every other school. There are some of the best teachers I have ever met all the way to teachers that have had affairs with students. The good outweighs the bad. There will always be that one teacher or class you do not like. Although I would not change a thing because of how sweet and caring others are. There is such a variety of opportunities. The different pathways such as nursing and early childcare education allow something for everyone. There is always a field trip or event happening at JCHS.
I have been a student in the Jasper County school system from Pre-K to now & have enjoyed my time. The last 4 years of schooling here at Jasper County High School have been great. The teacher really do care & are supportive in helping you to succeed. Even with me preparing for college the counselor' s office have assisted with us visiting various colleges, filing out applications, posting different scholarship opportunities & arranging sessions to transition & what to look for or prepare for college. Even with the letters of recommendation the teachers were so helpful. I am proud to say I will be a graduate from Jasper County High School home of the Monticello Hurricanes.
I graduated in 2016. In my time at Jasper County I experienced racism. Being in the south I do not think this is uncommon. However, just because something is common does not make it right. I would like to see the school become more accepting to minorities. I would give the school a B in academics. I had some really good teachers and I had some that I could not learn from. Most of the time it went back to not having an accepting atmosphere in the classroom. In terms of the cafeteria and food it was pretty average. It is school lunch. My only real complaint would be that a lot of the time my table would be called and little to no food would be left. So we would have to wait until they could make some more. I'd end up being late for 5th period. which was not great.
Jasper County High School is overall a safe school. Although, it limits your abilities to be different. JCHS doesn't offer as many classes as most schools. The students here are very welcoming and friendly.
I enjoyed the simplicity of the school overall. However, the majority of the staff and faculty, with a few exceptions, were, for lack of a better word, mediocre. I had no assistance preparing me for college, my desired career path, or what was ahead of me. Being the first in my family to attend college, I had to basically “wing it”, and have unfortunately struggled quite a bit. However, I am still persevering. I can say that while I had difficulty, based on what I have seen via my younger cousin, who is a senior at Jasper County High School (class of 2018), the school has made a few significant improvements as far as college readiness and assisting students who do desire to attend college. I can also commend the school regarding their CNA program. My only advice and/or hope for JCHS is to make further improvements regarding the faculty, as well as their methods of teaching, or lack thereof.
Jasper County High School is one of the best schools in the state of Georgia. It has the small town feel, which is a good thing and the faculty and staff are so helpful and they really are devoted to helping and guiding students toward their preferred career or life after high school.
Overall good school with some very good, caring teachers who bend over backwards to help students but a few others who don't know their subjects well and aren't attentive enough to notice kids cheating. Great TSA and Beta clubs, internship opportunities, art classes, AP classes. Take honors courses if you want to learn anything!
The Ag program is suffering but ffa thought me everything I will use in life how to live and more. The way of teaching is ok for the most part but would like to see some changes. Love the vibe of the school but somethings need to change more help in having a good lunch. Not a lot of options for the school lunch. It has a good amounts of clubs and very nice school cold be better but it is nice for a small town school.
A few great teachers, some great classes. Few extracurricular activities. Very poor, almost no funding for anything. Most teachers hate the administration, the administration is practically useless. Unless you do the AP/honors track, you'll be cheated out of an education.
I've went to Jasper County Schools my entire life. Just like any public school system, it has its bad moments. However, our good out weighs our bad. Because we're such a small school, there are rarely any cliques. Fights are at a minimum. We have some teachers that are laid back and then some that give up their free time and their weekends just to further our education and have study sessions EVERY weekend. Our school is kept very clean. It's a fairly new school, built in 2009. But our janitors continuously clean and keep it tidy. I feel safe here. It's home.
I felt very safe while attending this school
Many opportunities for extracurricular activities
For the most part parent / teacher involvement is phenomenal
Loved the small-town High School I graduated from. I wouldn't want to have graduated from any other school.
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I couldn't ask for more caring teachers!
The bullying policy ensures that it gets rooted out as soon as it gets started so it will not continue our principal, Mrs. Murner, has absolutely no tolerance for it and makes sure we treat each other as we should. She made the school safer by having only entrance people can come and leave by so they know always who is in and out at all times
I love my high school and I am so blessed to be a hurricane! Since it is a small town the support system is wonderful. Due to the school being smaller coaches and teachers care for our success and always make sure that we are doing well and support us through whatever we going through no matter what
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