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I attend Jarrell ISD starting in second Grade. Over the years the school as grown in size. The school district has a hard time keeping up with the times. This is a small town that is growing very fast in population. There has been lots of great teachers come and go over the years. The basketball program seems to be the only sport that has achieved awards consistently over the years. The football, softball, tennis, programs really lack the dedication from the coaching staff excel and teach the students the techniques to be the best they can be. I have made some great friends attending High school at Jarrell. I wish the School district and board members could really start putting the effort into allowing the school to grow academically . Allowing the students to get the best overall experience and ready for the next step in life and have full growth in every area of High school possible.
The school is constantly growing with newcomers from all over the states. I'm not sure what it is about the area, but it attracts tons of families with kids of all ages.
Jarrell High School has gone through many changes and still manages to function properly. It’s sports program is the heart of the school, we all love to support our Jarrell cougars. The principal is amazing, she treats all students with respect and helps them prepare for the future. The marching band program is expanding and has turned into a program that many students love and dedicate themselves into.
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During my four year tenure at Jarrell High, it seemed as those education was secondary to athletics. Priorities have been on keeping those in athletics happy, while those who want to focus primarily on the education aspect of school are left to fend for themselves.
I like the access of books and resources from the library . The helping hand is always there between the students and teachers . I think the improvement that is need for the school is more diversity and culture , school spirit .
Jarrell High school is a great small 3-A school. Everyone gets along just great, and the sports are amazing.
Most teachers are coaches, so they are very busy. This is my senior year, its a smallish school, we're getting bigger no doubt.
I like going to Jarrell. It is a very great school to be at. The teachers are great and the students are very respectful.
A lot of coaches that are teachers. That's not very great. The school's food is terrible. The only thing that is good is the chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes.
Our staff lacks the compassion needed to help high school students thrive in the "real world". We leave this place feeling unsure of where we belong in the world.
Jarrell High School provides great education! I am proud student because everyone in this school treats you very well. The staff always makes sure you are safe, and that you're getting the best education. Nobody is left out because we are all a family. I wouldn't want to see anything changed.
I have been in Jarrell High school since i was in kindergarten. I had a great experience with the staff always being there in case of anything, and their teaching methods for each student to understand the subject. It was a safe environment and with many learning techniques teachers would teach students. I can say homework and assignments can be hard depending on the teacher I get but I know that the teacher will do anything they can to help us understand.
I have been attending Jarrell schools for all of my schooling. I think its a good school and they teach well. The problems i would bring up is that the food is not very good at all, of course most of the students eat it but its the only thing some have. The next problem would be the money. We have to pay for practically everything. We even have to pay to park on campus.The last problem i have would be the coaches. The coaches for the boys athletics are absolutely horrible. They make fun of the boys and cuss and they just arent good. There has been so many boys quit these last couple of years and its pretty sad.
The school lunch is terrible, most of our teaches are coaches, and very minimal involvement from our students in academics.
Jarrell High School is a school I am proud to have graduated. I loved how the teachers, principal and the staff care for your education! They all helped me be more prepared for my future. The teachers I had guided and prepared me for college, especially working on essays. I felt that Jarrell has a safe, fun, educational environment!
There is not much of a variety of clubs/organizations at this school.
Their are some teachers in Jarrell High School that care. There are too many coaches teaching.
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The safety of the school is getting better because of our new principle.
Extracurricular activities are alright, but if you dont join at the beginning of the year, then you cant join anything at all.
Parental support is highly encouraged at our school, but many parents fail to actually show up for support.
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