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Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton High School Reviews

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I have one or two teachers that actually care about me and my well being. All the other teachers are not understanding about the challenges of mental illnesses.
The staff cares a ton about the students. If you do so much as say one unkind thing to someone and the staff hears you will be talked to about it.
It's a smaller school, so you get to know everyone.
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They help students and really care.
From what I see, there isn't as much student involvement as there could be. There are a lot of groups of friends but a lot of people stick to their certain groups and don't branch out much. Depending on what friend group you belong to decides how much peer pressure there is and what is or isn't socially acceptable. The majority of our school is Caucasian. There is very little racial diversity.
I think for being such a small school we do well. Recently, our school bought all new mac computers which have helped the students for research projects. Our school is getting upgraded and added on this summer to create a bigger and better cafeteria for the students. Parents seem to be very involved and supportive. One thing I think our school lacks is tutoring, mainly because it is such a small school.
In the past year, our school has improved greatly. Our new principle has made many but necessary changes that have improved our schools atmosphere. My favorite thing about our new principle is how involved he is in our school. I love to see him at almost all sporting events and cheering us on as we compete. The counselor we had was a very good at her job and always made students feel safe to talk to her about anything. She will be moving this summer but we look forward to meet our new school counselor this fall. I think lately the bullying has become much less of an issue. This is mainly because our principle takes an interest in what the students have to say and then acts on it. In my opinion, I think our dress code is fair and is made very clear to us.
I would like to see a lot more work done by the guidance counselor.
Personally, I love high school. I enjoy being at small school due to all of the experiences it has given me. I am very involved and I love being able to be in many organizations. I appreciate the personable attitude of the whole school.
Due to the fact that we are a small school, we only have the basic sports offered. The facilities are fairly nice, but they could use some renovation.
I feel that there is not enough diversity in classes. I would like to see more options available.
I feel safe at my school.
There are a variety of different clubs and organizations, but due to the fact that we are a small school with a small student body, there is neither the number or quality of extracurricular opportunities that I would like to see.
I go to a rural school so we do not have any public transportation.
Everyone at my school knows everybody and their families. Everyone is willing to go above and beyond to help anyone in need. Everyone is very accepting and I never feel like I am an outsider.
There are a lot of clubs and organizations to get involved with. They range from National Honor Society to Yellow Ribbon to Little Buddy/ Big Buddy.
All the teachers here are willing to go above and beyond what they are expected to do to help the students. All the teachers have unique teaching styles to prepare us for education after high school. Last year a few of the teachers had flipped classrooms to help the students preform better.
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Our school only offers general classes. We do not offer any AP/ Honors classes. We are allowed to take PSEO classes once we become a junior.
We have never had a threat on our school since I have been in school. Last year we put in security cameras and someone is always sitting by the only door unlocked throughout the school day and can warn of anything suspicious.
Our school began to offer two different meals this year instead of just one. They have also upgraded our lunch room and we now offer the salad bar everyday. I have not ate lunch there on a regular basis. I almost always bring my own sack lunch.
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