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Janesville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Most of our extracurriculars are athletic teams, but recently we have added a few clubs. We have speech club, drama club, etc. Teachers, students, and administration are very supportive of the growing amount of extracurriculars with in the school.
I love going to a small school like mine. It makes the whole experience so much more personal. I like being able to talk to anyone and everyone as they walk down the hallway. My favorite part about going to a small school is the elementary, junior high, and high school are all in one building. The little kids really look up to the high schoolers and create roll models out of us.
The Teachers at my school are very approachable. I feel very comfortable when I am at school. All of my teachers care about me and want me to succeed. I feel like I could ask any of my teachers for help if I needed it.
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Students are given a macbook to keep in their possession. Resources are readily available for students to use. Facilities are updated and accommodate for updates. Counselors are there for students to go see themselves. The counselor does not go see the student, which should be expected for a high school student to be more responsible. There is a tutoring time after school each day for any student that wants to go. Most parents are involved in their students grade, mostly so their child can participate in extracurricular activities. The busing system is good and consistent in their service.
Sports in the main activity for students to get involved in. Other than that there is speech, DECA, and the musical. I think that is it. We could use a more variety of extracurricular activities, but I think faculty as well as students should bring up those suggestions to the administration. The administration is supporting and willing to have more activities.
Bullying is noticeable among some students. Action is sometimes taken, but then it is also sometimes not. For my personal safety, I never feel scared of other students, teachers, administration, or other people that might be on school grounds. A police officer is in the building about once a week, maybe. The school nurse is around some of the time. I feel safe and taken care of when at school.
I should have thought more about my financial future after college when deciding what institution to attend. Taking PSEO courses during high school prepared me for college. I do not feel prepared at all for the real world.
Most of the teachers are doing what they need to do. No teacher is doing too little. They are either doing just enough or going beyond. All teachers are knowledgable in their areas of study. All teachers are also very involved with the students and their extracurricular activities.
The food services at this school were okay. Menus were always provided at the beginning of the month with three options: the main, an alternate, or a salad. The main and alternate varied from day to day. Every meal consisted of a meat, veggie, starch, fruit, and a dessert. The menus provided a symbol showing if their were peanuts incorporated in the meal, which accommodated for people with peanut allergies.
The administration tries to be very involved in students' everyday life. They like to enforce the dress code, bullying, and attendance, but more often than not these attempts are failed. The controversial policies at the school are handled on a individual basis, sometimes the outcome of the decision is unfair.
The school I attended was recently renovated. A lot of the classrooms have gotten new equipment along with other vital parts of the school (library, gymnasium, etc.). The school was extremely accommodating to help with college preparation as well as allowing students to dual enroll into classes at a nearby high school and take the bus.
I would say that since I took extra classes for Talented and Gifted credit, my writing skills are pretty well developed. I don't think that everyone could say the same.
The extracurricular activities were mainly athletics which I really enjoyed. However, the coaches expected you to play on a club team during the off season and it was rather expensive.
Our school lunch is up to heath code regulations, but its not very fun to eat. We get two different choices and either one isn't very big or appetizing. There are a few lunches every moth that are amazing and everyone loves, but i feel like it should be that way every day, not just a few of them. We have a salad bar and some snack options to buy as extra, but it's nothing like the high schools you see on tv. I wish we had that!
Our administration and staff is very caring and always looking out for us. We have grade checks every other week to make sure we are eligible. If our grades get close to poor we have a meeting with our principal to talk about ways we can boost our grade or what we need to do in the future to prevent this from happening.

Our guidance councilor is always there to help us with things we need whether it be school or home related. And there are many teachers willing to help us with college prepping or any other questions we have.

Our policies are strict yet understandable. Our dress code is comfortable, but yet we don't walk around looking scandalous or ridiculously unpresentable. Bullying is not tolerated and if anything gets brought up, it is sought to right away. Attendance is a big deal and after 3 lates, it's a detention and a talk about how we are going to improve.
The academics at Janesville are excellent. We are a 1A school, so if we don't offer something you want/need, we are able to go to Waverly, a much bigger school, to share classes and some sports. We try to get you the best possible education/experience, even if you cant get it directly from our four walls.
I believe Janesville is a great school. We all have memories here, with everyone. The uniqueness behind this school is we are all family. We grew up together and our teachers have known us since we were little. We aren't a cliquy school and no matter who you are or where you come from, you will find acceptance.

I would choose Janesville again without a doubt. I have never had a "bad year" here. We all have our bad days, but here we have good people to help pick you back up again.
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I believe that the teachers at our school are very involved and love their students. There is not a very diverse type of teaching process however, power points and notes in almost all of the classes, with a few teachers having activities to go along with the subject they are teaching.

Given the population of Janesville, most teachers double as coaches. You can tell these teachers are closer with some students then others, but you can also tell when their season to coach is upon us because they get more stressed and less tolerant to the stress of their #1 job, teaching.

Most teachers care for use students a lot and keep on us about getting our stuff done and being accountable. Grading is standard and our teachers abide by the grading scale equally and fairly to all students.
At our school, there are many different kinds of extracurriculars. There are sports such as; volleyball, football, basketball, track, cross country, baseball, softball, and cheerleading (if you consider that as a sport.) Janesville is full of many talented athletes, so we do well in the majority of sports every season. The students love participating in these sports or they love to come and support each other in our sports.

Besides sports, we also have many organizations that take leadership and organization such as; Student Council, National Honor Society, and TAG (Talented and Gifted) These programs help organize many different things throughout our school year; Homecoming, Winterfest, blood drives, Valentine coronation sales, bake sales, and many more.

We also have a student-staffed Tech Team. Since our school has just switched to laptops two years ago, we have to be more technology friendly and our one Tech guy wasn't enough to be on call for the entire 6-12 every hour of the day. So now we have students who are educated enough to answer our simple problems with programs or technical difficulties.

I feel like our school has many programs that everyone has a chance to be apart of no matter their interests and our staff is always more then supportive of the extracurriculars and the success our school has.
This school is in a very small town, so new kids are accepted as well. The teachers are not good at their jobs either. This school has a lot of mean kids and some bullying takes place.
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