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I am still currently attending Jane Long Academy. I like how everyone at school connects with each other and the diversity.
Jane Long is an HISD school that is associated with HCC which allows students to earn an Associates Degree while working towards my high school diploma. This gives me the opportunity to earn college credit hours.
what I like about Jane long Academy is that they offer pharmacy classes in high school. Also what I like about Jane long academy is that the high school is small which it makes more easy for the student to other and get support from others.what I will like them to change is that they should make the classes from each grade level more fun so that students can be encourage and motivated to learn. what I would also like them to changed is that they should offer other college classes that students might be interest to and it would help the students see what career would they want have in the future.
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Jane Long Academy has offer me many opportunity, and I feel because of that I am able to succeed more. For example, being able to take college classes, and high school classes has help me take that first step towards my future.
Jane Long Academy prepared me for college by providing me with great rigorous classes that were taught by teachers that cared about their students's success.
What I like about Jane Long Academy is that the teachers always corporate with the students they are always worried about theirs students as if we are their priority I would not change anything since everything is perfect to me they even help us with scholarships which i really appreciate.
What I like about Jane Long Academy is that the school provides college classes so that it can help us in the future and its a very small school so in a way everyone knows each other, it's like we're a big family.
Jane Long Academy is a place where students are able to learn and get all the help they need. One thing I would like change is for students to have more field trip.
Although Jane Long has only had two graduating class as of 2017, they have done such an outstanding job with their students since they not only offer an associates degree program, but they also offer a diverse environment and a close relationship with students. As a graduate from Jane Long Academy, I experienced the close bonds that we, as students, can create with our teachers and professors, and I was also able to better prepare myself for college since we were able to take college classes while in our high school years. One thing I hope that can change at Jane Long would have to be it's financial resources, since Jane Long Academy used to be a middle school and is now also a high school, the financial resource that Jane Long receives has to be divided among seven different grade levels each with different needs. I would really recommend my high school to anyone who likes pushing themselves academically, and if they want to experience all the fun that high school brings.
I had a really good experience in Jane Long Academy since 6th grade. Every year it just keeps getting better and better especially when high school started. What I liked about Jane Long Academy is that the teachers are all so friendly and that they make you feel like they are your parents. They give their all and time to help the students in whatever they need. The change in this school that I would like to see is for this school to expand a little more so more students can go to this school because this is a really small high school.
I have been attending this school since 6th grade and it has absolutely improved over the years. The fact that the school consists of grades 6-12 it is difficult to obtain common needs for both the school, students and faculty.For example obtaining a school bus for our school soccer teams' games. Our art class has no supplies at all and the teacher has to buy the supplies for that class. We have a library full of books that isnt open becahse we dont have a librarian.We really do need economic help.
Amazing school but it can be better!
Jane Long Academy is slowly building it's first Pharmacy Technician Program, I know about this because I was a part of the first class to graduate from this program. This schools provides great leadership and teachers who care about you to succeed and prepare you to advance in the next level. This school is very diverse and the community is very friendly. It may be small, but this program is the future to helping kids get the early start of building their very own careers and getting an associates degree that'll place you in a position that other kids aren't in.
Jane long Academy is like a small family, almost everyone knows each other. I like the close friendship between students and teachers. If the teachers put more effort I think Jane Long would be the best high school.
Jane Long Academy is a school where things happen and the students get a lot of benifits. Once we get accepted into this magnet program, we meet the great faculty and staff and we meet our mentors that help us throughout the year. People say that this school is really bad due to where it is located, but in reality it's really safe and everyone is protected by the security. We get to take the TSI for free as many times as we want so that we could pass, in order for us to take many college classes. I've had a great experience in this school and I'm on the associates track. I passed all my classes and I have a great GPA. This school is a large family, I have achieved many things by going to this school. This is my last year and I'm excited for graduation and once I leave this school, I'm really going to miss it and I'll come back to visit all of my favorite teachers.. Happy New Years
A few things that I contemplate Jane Long Institute is the nourishment quality, parent association, and our school assets.
My Freshmen year was pretty easy but honestly this felt like a set up because the following year was the opposite. Work load was high and the teachers got lazier. The principal for the high school sector seems to constantly dodge work and is just an overall train wreck with her attempts to connect to the children. The horribly lazy teachers outnumber the good ones. Teachers are constantly disrespectful and prejudice. Cafeteria staff is okay but they seem to always run out of food. Students show up to school high out of their mind. Funding is very low. Honestly if it wasn't for SOME of the students drive and determination, the program would've been sacked. Don't fall for the hype.
Jane long academy is a very small school with a great opportunity of getting and associates degree in pharmacy. I like that most of the teacher take their time to teach use well. I like that Jane Long Academy helped me mature more.Our school population is around 200 student we are very small and have low money. We have such a short amount of money that it hard to get the best we can from Jane Long Academy. We only have one counselor that could help use get scholarships and she is not always there because she doesn't have enough time. The same counselor also counsels other schools.My school doesn't offer me much help academics wise like SAT or ACT practice because of fancial wise.
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Most students do not care about academics, and majority of the teachers do not have the skill to teach.
Soccer, math clubs and Animes are the big things at this school.
Parents came only for basketball tournament. But most students play soccer. Overall parents don't participate in student's school life.
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