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Jane Addams Middle School Reviews

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Overall, my youngest child's experience at Jane Addams was good. He was encouraged to challenge himself and enrolled in Honors courses as his reading, math and writing skills improved. Most teachers are caring and take time to talk with parents. I've dealt with only a few who didn't seem to want to make the effort to talk with parents or challenge the students. Parent involvement, of lack of, in non athletic activities could stand to improve. It's hard to get parents to come out to PTO meetings or other educational activities but this trend is common at many schools. JAMS is a great school in a very diverse community and school district that has worked hard to improve the student learning experience. Many people who knock this school or our district do not have kids who attend. They are biased and judge based on socioeconomic factors and test scores only.
The cross country, basketball, and soccer teams are pretty good.
There's a lot of racial diversity, which is good, but those who are mixed-race or adopted by families who aren't their race are often bullied severely and shunned.
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There are the typical teams and clubs -- drama, sports, computer, art -- and other atypical ones that I think are overlooked -- scholastic bowl, mathletes, science olympiad.
The school claims to have a "zero tolerance" bullying policy, though in the three years I attended there, I was physically, verbally, emotionally, and sexually harassed, by students and faculty.
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