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Jane Addams Business Careers High School Reviews

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Jane Addams is a very good school. I enjoyed my time in High School there. I am happy that they prepared me for College by allowing me to choose a career path.
I like jane addams but the adolescents make the encounter of being a student a little negative. The faulty are starting to incourage the idea of college credit plus to their students. I can honestly say their attendance rate has tremendously increased. Which is simply... amazing. Jane addams is not a bad school but, jane addams does need a little more order when it comes the behavior of their students.
Jane Addams Business Career Center is very good school if you want to become an Professional Chef and want to be an Business Owner!!! I absolutely love my teachers here, they are helpful and just amazing!! As an senior, one thing I will miss is the teachers!!!
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I like that jane addams have careers , but i don't like that we have a lot of rules. we should have no dress code.
Every student gives their all in the sports that they play, basketball, cross country, track, and volleyball. They all are athletic!
Teachers are always willing to help out any student that is falling behind on their academics. Their classes are based on the program that they are currently in. Teachers make sure they dont put so much on their students, so they will be able to get regular work duties done on time.
The food services are okay could be better in some areas as such as healthy food options and snacks.
Every student at this school has their own way of doing things and that is why many respect them. They accept every one regardless of race and gender.
It give students opportunity to meet new friends and how to be healthy and stay.
Security does their best to look out And protect students from any danger.
Many teachers are willing to take time after class, school to tutor the students who needs extra help.
Students hang out with those who fit who they are based on race, gender, appearance And personality.
Well..I feel as though for the guidance counselor she/he shouldn't give students the same classes that they already passed and have credits for that class especially if your a senior and want to get out of school early.

Ther was many sports and clubs you could get in. Some being tennis, volleyball, key club, and the honor society.
Bullying was frequent in the school. When you walk into the school you see at least 2 security gauards. The nurse was barley there.
The sckool was in very poor condition. The windows didn't open and somethimes the air didn't work. Even then the teachers allowed students to wear what they could to accomdate the weather.
You will be ok at this school.the peer pressure and challenges are a little high but what makes the school nice is that people don'e mess with you that much.the diversity is quite low.
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The teachers at my school all have different styles in teaching. Only one of my teachers challenge us to push our selfs and i think there should be more teachers like that. Some teachers are careless about uniform and they pick favorites which i dont like. But overall the teachers are nice and helpful
I only had gym this current year so i wish i had more of it. Gym is super fun we do all kinds of activiitys like flag football, floor hockey, volleyball, and even square dancing. Are gym is not the best gym its small compared to others. In Gym if we have free time we have to be doing something physical. We just got brand new excerise bands.
We have drills in a school but not very often. We have a lot of security around the building and gang unit. We dont have fights in our school often but it does happen. In my school i never see bullying in my school but doesnt mean it doesnt happen. I personal feel safe at my school we have metal detectors and an x-ray machine that we have to put our bookbags through. We dont have a school nurse. Our lunch room is not always clean it gets messy during the day so by time its my lunch period its very messy the students dont care about throwing food away or spilling something which is very annoying.
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