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Jamesville-Dewitt High School Reviews

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The administration of Jamesville- Dewitt High School needs change. When I went to JDHS I did not feel comfortable going to the administration about sexual harassment and racism. When I did approach members of administration they did not deal with situations brought to them.
High school was kind of a miserable experience in general ... there were a few truly enjoyable programs, like the fine arts program, but the overall environment was stressful, divided and judgmental. So glad to be out of there.
Great academics and staff. I've enjoyed my years spent there. I can't think of anything to change.
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My overall experience at JDHS has been pleasant. The community is really good and students are able to work in a good environment.
After spending four years at Jamesville-Dewitt, I can safely say that I was very satisfied with my experience here. JD is ranked in the top 250 schools in the country and now I can see why. The faculty is not only resourceful and great at what they do, but they also make great mentors. The school is very diverse and welcoming of all cultures. School spirit is also very strong and the amount of opportunities the students are given are amazing. efore every assembly, Principal Gasparini reminds us that we are the best school in America, and I couldn't agree more.
I have had a great four years attending Jamesville-DeWitt High School. The majority of my teachers have been truly committed to the success of their students, as well as all of the staff. The student body is very diverse and a great size: big enough to have a new mix of people around you at different times, but small enough that there is a community among the students and we all know each other. If I were to change something, I would play with the idea of different learning styles in the classroom. Some classes were very engaging and interesting, but others were taught in outdated, monotone fashion that didn't keep my peers and I interested. Many immensely successful businesses and companies today work in environments designed to stimulate the mind through creativity. I believe designing a classroom similar to this environment would be very beneficial for many students not only in my high school, but around the world.
I loved Jamesville-DeWitt High School they got me ready for college and helped me to find what I really love to do. I am so lucky to have attended a school that really helps you find your passions and help you find ways to achieve them.
This school has the best dynamic of diverse cultures that thrive together under one roof. At this school, the music department is held at the same level of excellence as the athletics, and the teachers are influential and passionate. Not a lot of people can say they want their kids to go to the same high school they attended, but Jamesville-Dewitt is a unique learning environment every student deserves.
There are some really good teachers, but then there are some really bad teachers, in areas like Spanish and Science. You just have to get lucky with who you get.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities at this school, and they are really well managed. Activity period after school is the best time to meet with clubs or teachers and almost everyone stays after at least once a week.
It's a generally acknowledged truth that high school sucks. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to spend my four years of high school at JD, which sucks significantly less than many other schools. The teachers and administration are all really passionate about their jobs, which makes the general environment of the school better than it otherwise would be.
Jamesville-DeWitt High School has some of the best teachers in the country. The teachers genuinely care about the subjects they're teaching and the students in their classes and they make learning interesting and useful. The English department in particular has been great, all the teachers are really effective and their classes are interesting.
Academics are fantastic. Teachers are involved and the curriculum is the difficulty level you choose. Scheduling is easy and the workload is manageable.
Everyone who goes to JD can find their friend group and make more friends in any class. The school can have some cliques at times but if they're not your cup of tea there's always more people to talk to.
There are multiple cultural clubs, African-American empowerment clubs, girls coding, Model UN, Key Club, outdoor pursuits, volunteer work, and so many more types of clubs available. If you can't find a club, it's not too hard to make one such as a tutoring club a friend made this year. Most people choose a few clubs that they stay extremely devoted to and the administration is very supportive.
Teachers at the school are very involved. They will stay after with you and email you back as quickly as possible. They will even take their lunches to work with you, it's really great.
Our school is extremely safe. If any bullying goes on it is most likely reported and taken care of. The police occasionally search the school. The nurse is the most friendly person and will always take car of you quickly. I think the school has great resources and a great environment.
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the school has many clubs and activities
some are bad some aren't
As a student I would do things differently.
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