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I came into this school as a Senior. Everyone here is mostly nice and the teachers seem to care about there students. The school has some pretty cool traditions such as the Senior Run. It is not very diverse though. A majority of the students are Caucasian. Other than that the school is really nice.
Honestly this school is terrible. The food tastes like cardboard. The administration changes every year which makes the rules worse leading to kids skipping class a lot. The administration is very behind. I’ve learned a few things important for my future throughout the 4 years I’ve been at Jamestown. When I was a freshmen this school was one of the top rated in the state and has significantly dropped down on the leader boards. The school bathrooms are a wreck. Faucets barely working, broken toilets and mirrors striped from the walls.
The students are very driven and the teachers are excellent. Schools spirit is also a big thing there which is nice. Senior week is the best.
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Jamestown has numerous teachers and coaches who form personal relationships with motivated students, always pushing them and helping them. The administration is personal, and the academics are amazing. Jamestown has great teachers in math, English, and Spanish, especially for AP classes. If I had to change one thing about Jamestown, I would make it more diverse; other nearby schools are much more heavily populated with minority students, while Jamestown suffers from a largely homogeneous and entitled student body.
From 9th grade to senior year I had the bets teachers I could possibly ask for. They allowed me to stay after school for study session, extra help, or even prepare myself for a test. All of my teachers believed in me, and gave me a positive speech before my test to helping with testing anxiety. My senior year of high school I grew very close to my science teacher and was able to be her TA towards the end of the fall semester I was a TA for the whole science department. If any of my other teachers needed up in a different department I would help them out also. Jamestown does not need to do anything differently.
Most of the teachers it was easy to connect with and are really helpful. The taco bar on Thursdays during lunch is a solid choice. its just high school so it's not absolutely fantastic but its pretty good for a high school.
Jamestown High School was an average school, but it wasn't very diverse. The teachers were a hit or miss.
Great variety of classes, clubs, and sports. Good teachers and good students, easy to make friends, but not very diverse. Would love to see the kind of diversity that Lafayette High School, another school in the district, encompasses.
The academics at Jamestown are wonderful. My only concern that I have for the school as a student is the lack of diversity. Non-white students are uncommon. Given that the school is prodominately white, it is very conservative.
I was a bit of a loser in middle school. I was the smart kid that was in choir, but I wasn't popular or really well loved, I wasn't seizing my full potential. I was depressed and heavily bullied, I even suffered from anorexia for a year. Jamestown turned that around completely. Opportunities surrounded me, I had a fantastic choir and theatre department that welcomed me with open arms, elite math and science clubs that propelled me to new academic heights, excellent dual enrollment programs and AP courses that genuinely challenged me. I'll never forget the day that I first walked into that school, touring it with my dad. He looked around the main hallway that we entered, covered in posters of our school's achievements, with genuinely happy people welcoming us. He took it all in, then said, "Is this the freaking set of Highschool Musical?" That sentence sums up my experience of Jamestown; so wonderful that it seems more like a dream than reality.
jamestown is a great high school to attend they make it a great environment for all students as well as the faculty I played sports there and the parents were super involved as well providing snacks and emotional support the facilities are clean and the staff is great as well security could be better!!
Jamestown High School has great academics and great teachers. There are many different clubs, activities, and sports to get involved in. Our football team isn’t that great but our swimming and golf and stuff are great. I would like to see a little more diversity and inclusivity seeing as we are stereotyped the “rich preppy white kid school.” Overall though, Jamestown is a good school and any kid would be lucky to get an education at the school.
Jamestown High School is an excellent learning environment and open to many students. It is a great high school for students serious about schoolwork and plan on going to college. The school counseling is good at directing students towards college. the environment is clean and safe for both students and teachers.
Jamestown honestly was one of the best high schools in Williamsburg, VA. Of course, everyone has their own experiences but I never had an issue, everyone was great!
Throughout my time as JHS, I have had amazing teachers who inspired me actually enjoy learning. There are tons of resources on hand for all kinds of research and opportunities. Administration could do a better job of handling student conflicts, but overall they manage the environment well.
I loved Jamestown High from the sports to general day to day. To keep it sort and to the point though the best part was the teachers willing to stay after with you and make sure you could succeeded. As a student with a IEP I found this was a major help to me being able to go to college.
I really appreciated how much the teachers care about their students and really do want to see the students succeed in the future. They take time out of their day and work extra hours to help students study for SOLs and tests.

However, I wish the school was less clique-y and that clubs and organizations were more publicised. Many clubs and societies I did not find out even existed until the end of the year when applications were closed.
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I’ve had two students at Jamestown and to give this school an A rating is extreme grade inflation. The atmosphere at Jamestown is so hateful and filled with students who feel they are elite and above the need to be kind and polite because their parents have money is pervasive. They are not welcoming or kind and walking through the halls always felt very uncomfortable. Very few of the teachers make an effort with most phoning it in because nothing happens when parents complain. In fact they discourage parent involvement of any kind. The fact that administration turns a blind eye to bullying, drugs and drinking is totally unacceptable, but they do because it helps their rating. If you are looking to purchase a home in the Jamestown district, I would tell you to reconsider. Your students will be much happier and more accepted for who they are in either of the other high schools. If you want your children to learn to be elitist racists, then Jamestown is the place for you.
Jamestown High School is national rank. The teachers and staff are really nice and know what they are doing. They will do what ever it takes to pass but also make it challenging and have you prepared for when you go off by yourself either to college or straight to the work force. Jamestown is the best high school ever.
Jamestown High School is one of the best high schools in its area, and I feel lucky to go there. Academically, it is very strong, and its administration is engaged and proactive. However, is not a lot of communication between the student body and the administration, which causes a lot of problems.
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