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I enjoyed Jamestown High school because all of the staff was friendly. They also took the time to go over work with students if they were having trouble with the work. If you ever needed to stay after school the teachers were all very willing to stay after and help you.
I have attended Jamestown High School for the past 4 years, and I have very few complaints. The academics are wonderful, and many of my AP teachers are the most educated people I have ever met. While the food isn't restaurant worthy, and sometimes three of the stalls don't have any toilet paper by the end of the day, it is a great place when it comes to education. JHS is school filled with proud and successful students.
I have great teachers who are very dedicated to helping us learn. I also have been involved in many great clubs and sports teams. Overall, I've had a positive experience here.
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I loved many of the teachers I had over the years, as they were always fun, constantly switching up lessons, and genuinely easy to talk to. However, I would love to see change in the anti-bullying policies, as that is one of JHS’ biggest faults. The handling of bullying situations could be immensely better with more time and care into each and every situation that arises.
I like how Jamestown High School offers several AP courses and has very good teachers. We are a diverse school and we offer many clubs and sports.
For any teenager looking for an amazing place to finish growing up and begin their college years and their adulthood, look no further than Jamestown High School! With an amazing culture that will last for decades, and with inclusive music programs dating back over a century, JHS will have anything a prospective student. Even though it is well within a poverty stricken area of Western New York, it is a diamond-in-the-rough, and is a shining jewel on the crown of what is possible when members of this generation, aided by amazing teachers, willing parents, and a community like no other, work hard to overcome their surroundings.
I was a bit of a loser in middle school. I was the smart kid that was in choir, but I wasn't popular or really well loved, I wasn't seizing my full potential. I was depressed and heavily bullied, I even suffered from anorexia for a year. Jamestown turned that around completely. Opportunities surrounded me, I had a fantastic choir and theatre department that welcomed me with open arms, elite math and science clubs that propelled me to new academic heights, excellent dual enrollment programs and AP courses that genuinely challenged me. I'll never forget the day that I first walked into that school, touring it with my dad. He looked around the main hallway that we entered, covered in posters of our school's achievements, with genuinely happy people welcoming us. He took it all in, then said, "Is this the freaking set of Highschool Musical?" That sentence sums up my experience of Jamestown; so wonderful that it seems more like a dream than reality.
There are many opportunities in sports, clubs, and academics. There’s a variety of AT and AP classes offered so you have the option to get college credit before you graduate. Most teachers are very caring and willing to help in whatever way they can.
Where there is the common riff raft that you get everywhere, here at Jamestown High School you get a quality education from teachers who, if you're willing to put in the work, will make accommodations to meet with you and help you.
JHS has many opportunities that other schools in our area don't have. The teachers help us get ahead whether it's making up work or challenging us.
Jamestown High School was a great experience for me, I met some of my best friends there. The coursework was very easy and I didn't feel it prepared me for college as well as I should been.
Jamestown High school is a decent highschool. It is Located in Wiliamsburg, VA. This school has problems such as low diversity. The racism and stereotypes in this school is also kind of big compared to other schools in different states. Thats one of the main problems with the school.
Jamestown High School is a great school that really tries to put the kids first and give them a correct education. It does have it's few teachers that don't do their jobs correctly and make school hard for kids. But for the most part, the teachers really try to improve kids. The school has a bad reputation for having bad kids, but if you actually spend time seeing the kids at the school and learn about them, the school has many smart and friendly kids. Of course it's no perfect school. There are many bad kids and bad teachers, but overall, it's a great place to be.
It is a good high school just the food is horrible and the classes are sometimes far too easy. The College and Careers person is also not so helpful.
I had a good overall experience, the administration and teachers were so helpful and encouraging throughout my four years. I built a lot of personal relationships with them and also met a lot of diverse students that come from different backgrounds. The academic program is very well known for being above average and I agree seeing as I graduated with an excess amount of credits and accomplished many college courses in high school which saved me time and money.
They're the worst...the impoverished don't care about their kid enough to put food in their bellies and clothes on their backs (let alone do their homework), the middle class kids parents teach their children how to be narcissists and be lazy, and the many that fall in the between these two categories get the best of both worlds. There is about 10% of the population that is not caught up in drugs/crime, has personal hygiene, and are kids with good attitude. Unfortunately, many parents value their child's social status and athletic career (which doesn't go anywhere) over academics.
Most teachers are pretty average, considering they have to deal with the riff raff of our impoverished populations, Like anywhere you get the terrible teachers that just don't care; however, the AP teachers will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. These teachers are the reason I've put my peers to shame up at the University level and are more than willing to go the extra miles for their students. Teachers such as John Twinam, Kristine Stronz, Scott Lumia, Kim Barber- these are just a few. They blow every school in Chautauqua County out of the water with their AP program.
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We volunteer police officers that walk around the halls throughout the day.
Not a lot of people join the clubs because there is not much involvement. More people are active in sports, instead.
My overall experience was okay because this school did not have a lot of diversity. The clubs were not highly active. No one really joined the clubs at this school. Many people were treated differently, based off of the person's status. I wouldn't choose this school again because there was no inspiration. It was difficult to make friends at the school and learn new and creative material.
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