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Jamestown High School is a good school. They are working hard at adding activities that appeal to the younger generation such as esports, dungens & dragons, etc. The teachers are very helpful when you don't understand something. There is not a lot of diversity there since it's a smaller town. They offer many different sports and activities so there is something for everyone. The facilities are nice on the inside. The school is less than 10 years old. Unfortunately the outside of the school kind of looks like a prison. I am the 3rd generation from my family to have graduated from JHS.
The classes at this school were fine, but they did not prepare me enough for college classes. They could use an upgrade in content and homework assignments.
Students at JHS judge and bully one another very often... kids start to illegal things to try and fit in. If you play a sport but your parents don’t have a ton of money to give the boosters or you don’t have the right last name then you are guaranteed to get no playing time even if you are better then the person who has the last name or money. The teachers play favoritism a lot at jhs an that’s really disappointing for us who put in all the effort to get good grades. I would have to say the counselor Gayle Nelson is seriously the BEST she always is there to listen to students and makes sure to find a way to help you and doesn’t stop until it’s done.
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Jamestown is your average midwest school, most guys are country hicks who spend their weekends getting girls pregnant and plowing fields. While many of the teachers are amazing and truly care about their student's education - there are some that spend more time on the computer or hanging out with female students outside of the classroom. There are not many other options for high schools in the area, so you almost have to go here.
I like the facilities at JHS, they are functional and always clean, but not so nice that I am afraid of using them. The weight/fitness wing and the music wing are my two favorite specialized areas.
I think Jamestown focuses too much on certain sports over other activities. There are some programs where students work considerably harder and/or are significantly better at their program than others, but they do not receive the same recognition and funding as other programs.
I would like to see some things change at JHS. Negativity is popular among students, and school-sponsored attempts to encourage positive-mindedness are ignored. If enough upperclassmen and student leaders modeled positive behavior, I think JHS would have the type of environment that the students and faculty are trying to create.
My experience at JHS was a decidedly good one.
The school is overall a pretty decent school. We have pretty awesome teachers for the most part, and have pretty decent administrators too. The food is sometimes not the best, but there are usually a few different choices to pick from if you do not like something. I have enjoyed my time there for the most part.
Love the teachers. Grading and homework is on the more difficult side. Lots of people to make friends.
Jamestown High School is a great school, dedicated to involving each student and staff member. With a variety of classes, including Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses, every class is designed to challenge students skills and enhance their knowledge. There are various sports and clubs, including Science Olympiad, National Honor Society, and Key Club. The Band, Choir, and Orchestra are very well-known and amazing too! Our Principle, Mr. Gehlar, is amazing and has brought new ideas and classes to our chool, including a MakerSpace. This school is one of a kind and you can tell the teachers want to see the students succeed.
Jamestown High School gives any student a unique experience by being a mid-sized school. There are plenty of opportunities for the arts, athletics, and academic clubs if you are willing to find them.
Drugs are used by few, but often. everyone knows who to ask to get something if they wanted to. this isn't really the staff's fault though. i don't see how they could successfully stop the drug usage. as far as safety goes, this is ND. we're about as safe as we can be.
Sports kinda rule the school. if you're into sports, this is a great place for you. the music programs often get overlooked and overshadowed. i've been told there are many after-school clubs, but none seem to actively recruit and it's very easy to miss the deadlines. the clubs we do have, such as DECA, do very well, however. our DECA team and LifeSmarts team are known nationally.
At JHS, Teacher attitude is a direct mirror of student attitude. if we're in a bad mood, they're in a bad mood. If we don't feel like doing anything very productive, they don't teach very well. Some teachers often act like they have better things to do- however if we have questions about anything within the class, teachers are very helpful and easy to access. The food absolutely SUCKS though, and there are nearly no options for vegetarian students. Even the options that are there seem to be there by coincidence, not necessarily in any kind of attempt to accommodate. Many people bring their own lunches.
My school is like your basic high school. It isn't perfect but its not as bad as many students think it is. They offer a good variety of classes for everyone. I would go to this school again if I had the choice because overall its a pretty good school.
Most of the teachers in my school do a good job. Not all of them are perfect at teaching but they try their best. For the most part they know what they are talking about and are very knowledgeable in the subject they are teaching. They care about the students and will help them if they need it. They grade every student the same and do not pick favorites.
Bullying takes place quite a bit and personal safety matters are hard to enforce because students are in and out of the building all day preventing them from having a secured front door
There are some extracurricular opportunities offered including Key Club which I felt was a very positive organization to have at our school and students loved it.
My overall experience at Jamestown High School was mostly positive. I enjoyed the emphasis the school put on music and creativity.
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Many of the teachers within Jamestown High School go out of their way to provide engaging ways for students to learn and be creative. I felt as if they genuinely were trying their best to lead me towards success. Although some teachers may have been immature at times, I still believe the majority of them were dedicated to my education.
I would have my child go again due to caring teacher
The overall feeling you get when you walk through the halls isn't the most positive. Kids are mean to one another and lots of turning on each other when you get questioned happens. Also we need more than 25 minutes to get through a lunch line and eat, if you are at the back of the line you don't get through till 10 minutes later and that gives you 15 minutes to eat, take care of your tray, get to your locker to get your supplies, and get to class.
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