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Jamestown Area Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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This a great high school to attend. The amazing teachers are probably the best part about the school. The biggest thing to change would be the support network in the school. Administration could try harder to support students when they arrive in their office with issues.
Jamestown High School has been the best school i have ever seen. Everybody knows everybody and the teachers and faculty are very motivating.
If you are interested in learning, the teachers are excellent and certainly available. It is mostly the students who do not engage in seeking anything beyond the required material. This mainline disinterest cripples the few who are excited about knowing more.
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The focus on academics is strong and has helped me become as advanced as I am today. Overall I believe going here has shaped who I am and will continue to influence me positively regarding who I am as a person.
I am a 2016 graduate, my experience at this school district was positive. With the number of students ranging from about 30 per class- you definitely get a good 1 on 1 experience that is nothing short of excellent.
I like the fact that it's a small school and teachers all know the students by name. The teachers are not limited just to academics, they also teach about life. They make students very aware of the abundance of resources for their projects and research. They simply care about the well being and the future of each student which makes students strive to succeed.
Jamestown High School is in a small, rural district. I've had my daughter in the high school for the past two and half years. She has thrived academically and is now getting a chance to pursue her dreams in college beginning next year. JHS has prepared her well for the next level of education.
I did not feel like I was actually even learning anything or being supported/motivated by my peers.
It's like most schools. Certain students are always going to be problems, and some teachers are better at disciplining than others. There are certain frustrating school policies that I believe come from a misguided attempt to protect students. (*coughdresscodecough*)

The administration can seem a bit backwards on who they discipline at times.
Hope you don't have any dietary restrictions.

For the average human, it's... Well, average. If you're a picky eater, just pack a lunch if you can. I personally packed a lunch for most of the school year and was much happier that way.
The teachers do care and know a lot. Such a small school means everybody knows everybody as well, so you always know the teachers and how they act. This also means that you get stuck with certain teachers that might not fit your learning style, however, English and math being the most obvious of them. The teachers don't actively try to hurt their students, though.
There's a vicious cycle here of: low student enthusiasm -> low faculty enthusiasm -> poor training/lack of motivation to train, improve, or upgrade equipment or facilities -> poor competitive performance -> low student enthusiasm. There's usually at least one sport having an at-least decent year at any given time and the non-team sports (XC, track, wrestling) are usually better than the team sports, which keeps morale from completely disappearing.
There are quite a few different extracurriculars - clubs exist for most subjects, and there is always some sort of academic competition that students can be preparing for. However, there aren't really any clubs that aren't involved in school subjects, minus Bible, and the sports department is lacking, to say the least.
For a small school it does a good job of trying to stay updated on new technology and preparing students for the future. There are always more classes that could be added, but the cost would probably be too high.
The maintenance staff does an excellent job of keeping the school clean. The auditorium is an old gym and the sound is terrible for plays and concerts.
More students need to participate in sports. There are many good athletes who don't play a sport after 7th or 8th grade and it has hurt the sports teams.
The principal is a community member who volunteers to coach little league and his own kids attend the schools. He is easy to approach by students and parents and tries to help others when they have a problem.
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The staff at JHS care about the students and want them to succeed after graduation.
Being a small and rural school, the JHS staff and administration promote positive relationships between the staff, students, parents, and the local community. One of the favorite times of the year for many in the community is the local fair which uses the high school building for a number of events. It is like homecoming for many and helps to make the relationship between the community and school district stronger.
There are many opportunities for students to get involved in. The problem is that many students get jobs in high school and can't find the time to participate or just lose interest. The students who do participate seem to do better academically.
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