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I loved James wood, little dirty but a nice place to learn. Some teachers are very good at what they do but some don't care what happens to you. Foreign language and math need some work big time. Science, History and English were excellent. My favorite teach was a honors anatomy and physiology teacher.
I like being apart of the soccer team and clubs at James Wood High School. Throughout my high school years I have had pretty good teachers. I have taken all honors and AP classes and they tend to be challenging which is a good thing.
Overall I enjoyed the environment of James Wood. Parents and faculty seemed to be involved in a multitude of activities and school functions. They were always friendly and willing to help.
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James wood has a very comfortable atmosphere. It brings the students and faculty together and both cooperate in a manner to help to school community as a whole advance in a manner that brings bright futures after high school.
My experience at James Wood High School was a pretty good one. I was at this school all four years. The teachers and school spirit at this school is really great and are two of the biggest things that make me proud to be a Colonel. School spirit in my high school career always seemed to be a pretty big deal and one thing that was really cool was that the school was unified as one school meaning that we always had each other’s backs and stood up for one another which was a really cool experience. The facilities are not necessarily the newest and we do not have a lot of extra space but during my time at this school we made do with what we had and always tried to look for the positive in things, even when times were rough. All together, I do believe this school is a pretty good.
I like the student body, we all get along no matter regardless of race, gender or religion. One thing I would like to see change is the teachers just print papers off of the internet, they do not actually plan a lesson and teach the students they just get papers off of the internet.
I've spent four years at James Wood High School and I can honestly say I'm proud to be graduating from there rather than any other high school in my district. There are amazing people that have ended up being my closest friends, there are great teachers dedicated to educating their students, and there's a huge focus on school spirit, clubs, and sports. If anything could be changed it would be the school itself. It is very old, therefore extremely run down and could use some new facilities and renovations.
The foreign language teachers at James Wood High School were absolutely amazing. I took four years of Spanish and French and was the Foreign Language student of the year in my senior year. It really was the teachers that kept me interested in the subjects and encouraged me to go further in them.
The school itself is a bit below average. It lacks diversity in the student body as well as their curriculum, however, there are several brilliant teachers who try their hardest to make their courses interesting and aid in their students' success.
James Wood is a little country school with about 1500 students. My graduating class was about 300 of the best people I had ever met. The school created and amazing bond between students and teachers while creating an environment that made learning easy and friendships even easier. The teachers were always involved and the administration often knew us all by our first names. There was the typical student teacher respect, but we were treated as adults and I think that made a huge difference with the atmosphere the school provided. I couldn't have imagined graduating from anywhere else and I'm so glad that those halls hold so many memories of mine.
I love the atmosphere of the school. In general, the students are pretty nice. The teachers are all kind and helpful for the most part.
James Wood is an excellent high school that takes academics seriously. It is definitely not the wealthiest school in the district, but that can be a good thing. The students represent a wide spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds, which I think helps prevent the students from growing up sheltered and naive about class and cultures.
James Wood overall is a good school. The teachers are straight forward and will tell you how it is while still making class fun. If you need help for the most part you can get it. A lot of people mind their own business. What needs to be done is to have a better support system in school for kids that are wanting to drop out.
I love the environment that James Wood creates for it's students, however I would love to see the school appreciate the CTE programs more as they are a huge draw and largely successful part of the James Wood's student and faculty body
I like the teachers at the school, I've always had great teachers. I wouldn't have wanted to go to another school. I've enjoyed my time there. The school its self is getting old. I'd like the school to be remodeled or changed in some way. A lot of the toilets don't work or get clogged and it takes them forever to fix it. They also need to get new desks because a lot of them are broken or are on the verge of being broken. The roof/ ceiling also needs to be fixed because if it rains a lot, then the ceiling starts to leak.
I absolutely love James Wood High School. I'm s thankful to go to JWHS, I wouldn't want to go to any other high school. I love most of the teachers that I have had over my 4 years of schooling. The administration and staff are amazing for the most part. There is no way to describe what it feels like to be a Colonel... its just indescribable!
James Wood High School has taught me that life is not going to be a ride in the park. You are going to come across bumps in the road. Wether that be getting a teacher that has inadequate abilities to teach in a manner that is effective or having to deal with unpleasant class mates, you will gain lessons out of the negative aspects. Now, we cannot expect to go to a high school such as that in "High School Musical", but with the right outlook and the guidance of warm hearted teachers, you will leave your high school matured with the knowledge that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Fortunately, I was granted with that knowledge after my high school career at James Wood High School.
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I've been to three high schools, I've had the best experience at the last school I attended, James Wood High. I didn't think I would make very many friends, because I was clearly very different from everyone there. I felt like I wouldn't fit. When I stepped into school, I felt welcomed. Thinking about it now, it was definitely not so bad. I didn't expect to attend James Wood, either. Everyone was so friendly, especially teachers. My only problem was getting to adjust to the change. I made it, though! I was recognized for honor roll at this school, & received a certificate! I joined clubs, like HOSA and continued my role in FCCLA, & became President of the Book Club. One thing that I would change about James Wood is the restrooms, I would add a few more throughout the school. I would also fix the broken stalls and toilets in the restrooms. Overall, my experience at James Wood was spectacular, and the faculty/staff were beyond amazing. I thank James Wood for helping me find myself.
Did not prepare me for college, but supported me overall. I had a great time and great friends, and was able to take a couple of AP classes. However, English classes are poor and a lot of my academic skills were not improved.
James Wood High School has excellent teachers, clubs, sports, and activites. I played for JWHS's soccer team my freshman year and played in the marching band. These activities had great coaches and teachers. Throughout high school, I feel that mostly all of the teachers were very understanding, patient, and dedicated most of their time into teaching the students well.
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