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James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Middle School Reviews

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very good school, however could be more diverse. Very good extracurricular activities. It is not the right school for every child. I had a good experience
Very diverse college prep middle school. The principal is great and very helpful with school concerns. The vice principal is not very helpful and impossible to reach. Most of the teachers here are great. They care about their students and want them to succeed.
During my years of attending this school, I have found the several friends that I’ve stuck with until now, 4 years after. James Weldon Johnson helped me create a new mindset and experience new beginnings that have made me grow into who I am today. The activities and fun memories are the most cherish able things I will always remember at my times at the school.
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They say middle school years are some of the worst of your life. The time when people are the harshest, but it's all just a result of the search for yourself. James Weldon Johnson ensured that students were able to transition from elementary to middle and from middle to high. The style of classes and the open campus were two aspects that prepared me for high school. As a college preparatory school I was also able to attain credits for many classes that applied in high school. It fed my thirst for knowledge and was the stepping stone for entering into district, state, and national art competitions. The teachers truly cared and years after leaving their class, students still feel welcome. What James Weldon Johnson really needed a boost in was funding to advance students passions and a bigger cafeteria. . Overall, this school gave me the basis for everything I would be and am today. Surprisingly, it was not as scary as I made it out to be and were not the worst years of my life.
I am a JWJ alumni. This school was the basis for my highschool education and it prepared me to the finest degree. I am now a graduating International Baccalaureate high schooler. The IB program is a prestigious program I would never have been accepted into, nor Excel in without the education I received at James Weldon Johnson or the love, guidance, and support the faculty here have and provide.
The teachers are excellent! Each one was very knowledgable of their subject. Reading and writing, science, math, and history were always taught very well, and I came away with great information. The teaching methods differed from teacher to teacher, but each one was able to help me learn. Scheduling was fairly straightforward and easy, just take the classes you have to take, and choose whatever electives you'd like. The workload was substantial, but nothing unbearable. Overall the academics were absolutely fantastic, preparing me for high school extremely well.
I was able to play sports (club lacrosse and baseball) very easily, and they were run well. I gained a lot from those experiences. However there are not a great amount of other opportunities to be involved with the school. Part of that is too do the inconvenience of having meetings after school, as it would be extremely difficult for students to be transported home without there being a bus (which most students use).
Very rewarding and challenging academically, providing me with great work ethic and drive to succeed. I was very well prepared for high school. The social scene was unique, having smart kids from all over the city coming together and sharing the experience of going to the same college preparatory middle school. That same aspect also made it somewhat difficult to hang out and get closer with friends, because they could live an hour or two away. Besides the hour drive to school every morning, it was definitely a worthwhile experience.
Overall, teachers are very high quality, providing great knowledge to students. Varieties of engaging lessons are perfect for learning new skills and subject-related information. All of my teachers were certainly invested in the class, making sure the course material was covered properly, and that work received appropriate credit.
Words cannot describe how much of an impact Stanton has had on me. It is extremely diverse, challenging, and unique. Stanton is an enigma. The people are remarkable and every student at Stanton wants to succeed. The learning environment is unprecedented because of the rigor and every student's drive to do well. There are many extra curricular options available, and overall it is just a really welcoming environment for people of any ethnicity or socioeconomic status. The only issue is the neighborhood, as a public magnet school it was designed to be put in a rough area of town to draw people of that region to the school. There are many safety concerns amongst the students. Overall I love everything that Stanton has done for me and I truly believe I will be more than prepared for college.
I learned so much at this school and it prepared me really well for high school.
I barely ate in the cafeteria. The food didn't look good.
I'm not really sure about them, but I know rules are enforced.
The current facilities are good, when I went there it was at a different location.
I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else for middle school.
The school moved locations since I attended, so I don't know how the teams and facilities are. They generally do pretty well in most sports, especially soccer and swimming.
I had the best teachers I have ever had at this school.
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There was so much diversity. I learned a lot about different cultures while attending, especially Indian and Asian cultures.
There was so much to do. I was on yearbook staff and swam on the swim team.
I loved this middle school. It was a positive learning environment and contributed immensely to my success in college.
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