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James W. Mitchell High School Reviews

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My experience with Jw Mitchell was wasn’t the best. There are plenty of clubs and a lot of teacher involvement but I wasn’t a fan of the students. The parking lot wasn’t that safe and there wasn’t that much safety for fellow student drivers as many students would speed and participate in other reckless driving habits.
One of the schools best qualities is it's awesome faculty and staff. I have never had a bad teacher at Mitchell. They were all helpful and an inspiration for me to work hard. The thing that easily sets Mitchell apart is the music programs. I was involved in almost all of them and loved everyday of it. The band directors there are great at what they do and are hard working.
I had a great time at Mitchell. The school is very welcoming and the supportive. Being on multiple sports teams you connect to many people and develop great friendships throughout the years. The staff is also very friendly and I can tell that they enjoy getting to know their students and really care about them.
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I had a lot of issues at home and Mitchell helped me feel like I was not alone. The school was full of teachers who cared not only about students education but also their wellbeing. Mitchell turned into my home filled with people I consider my friends and family.
The teachers here know how to teach students in a variety of ways that benefits everyone. They're very inclusive and accepting, and tend to keep the student's best interests in mind.
Too clique-ish. I had some really great teachers, but just a few in 3 years. Grateful for my teachers and the school nurse is the sweetest, most understanding woman in the whole building.
James W. Mitchell High School was a very safe, excellent school to attend. Most of all the teachers were kid and fair. The food was decent, but not spectacular. The campus is beautiful. The maintenance at the school took wonderful care of the campus. Our sports team were always in the top of the state and always had a supportive crowd to pep them up for games. I recommend this school to anyone in the Pasco area.
it was great because the teachers put an effort in to not just teach but allow you to be apart of clubs and sports.
Overall clean campus. Easy to navigate once you get the way the buildings work. Spent two years here so far and have had pretty good teachers. Although the school lunch is administered discrict wide, the school could make the salads more affordable. The biggest part that could be improved is the overcrowding, the crowded hallways makes it difficifult to get to class on time without running. In addition I really wish there could be more AP courses I’m interested in apart from the ones already available.
Mitchell High school is a decent school, it's nothing too amazing. They do offer the Capstone program, and have a multitude of clubs.
I loved the overall education I had received from this institution in the four years I attended and I recommend this school to anyone looking to find a new home in a beautiful area and to find a wonderful, high-quality education from hundreds of amazing teachers, faculty and staff.
The best thing about JWMHS is the staff! The teachers, particularly in the AP and Honors English classes, are supportive and provide a challenging learning environment. I highly recommend getting involved in the drama program if you have any interest in fine arts!
Mitchell is overall a great school, however, some things that could be improved upon are the lack of decent school lunches, resources offered to the students, and the amount of classrooms we have.
Overall I have had an amazing high school experience at this school. The teachers are all so eager to share their knowledge with us and always willing to help when needed. There are a wide variety of clubs and activities for students to get involved with on campus. Sports is a big part of the school, especially football. School spirit is a huge part being a Mitchell Mustang. I couldn't be happier with the experience I've had at this school.
JWMHS was/is a fantastic school. Often lauded as the "rich kid" school of pasco county, it never failed to live up to the expectations of a school know for its wealth. The teachers are fantastic, and the amount of opportunities to earn college credits early, through both AP and Dual Enrollment, were abundant. One this that is obvious, however, is the lack of racial diversity. The school is significantly white, which one could argue leads to a lack of diversity in the students. However, that's not something that any policy could real do to change.
The teachers there are very helpful and care about students’ futures. I feel adequately prepared for college and future endeavors.
I like J.W. Mitchell because of all the amazing classes and people that attend there. I would not like to see anything change.
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Best location, teachers, & student body! Athletic teams are at the top of the bar! Glad to be a Mustang!!!
This school is in the middle of the county. It is a decent school to learn at and attend. The food at the school is not the best food, some of the food looks absolutely disgusting. Most of the teachers are good, on occasion there are teachers that are not good, but for the most part teachers are good. Overall the school is good. Not the greatest school but certainly not the worst.
I love the diversity at James W. Mitchell High school. I really love that the teachers want you to succeed and they make learning fun so you can thrive and get good grades. To top it off, the various amounts of courses you can take there is amazing.
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