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JVC does not offer everything, but we do offer enough to get everyone involved. Nearly everyone takes part in at least one extracurricular, if not all of them. The teachers and staff who run the extracurriculars are very focused on teaching life skills and making the atmosphere fun. There is almost always pizza ordered in and fun music playing. Kids are usually excited to attend.
My school feels, not so much like a school, but like a family. Most of us have attended since we were very young and have grown up together. I feel as though I can approach anyone for help. There are only 15 kids in my class so we have gotten to know each other very well. We have a sitting area called "The Quad" in the center of our 3 hallways. Before school and after lunch everyone seems to gather there just to hang out and talk. There are couches and benches for people to sit on, but many of us sit against the wall telling funny stories and laughing about things that have happened. I have had numerous study dates at my house with 5 or 6 kids on a Friday night; we study for Anatomy and eat ice cream. Often we end up watching a movie around midnight before everyone heads home. Our school is based around volunteer work. Students do dishes after lunch and parents volunteer to serve dinner at the Dinner Theater or even to cook the meal. Without the help that we get through donation and volunteer work, we would not be where we are today.
The teachers at JVCS are not only completely engaged in our education, but also in our spiritual life and our well-being. I believe that they are not there for the pay check at all. Considering that our school is private, their pay checks are much lower than the standard pay for high school educators. They are constantly relating what we are learning to the real world and are focused on giving a great understanding of all information. They are sometimes more lenient in their grading, but overall I think they do very well and I am blessed with some of the best teachers.
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This school does not offer many extracurricular activities.
I have been bullied and the teachers have done absolutely nothing about it. Also, the teachers are not very fair with their punishments.
The teachers are fine, one area they lack in is with how to handle a student who is struggling. Bringing attention to that in front of the entire class is unacceptable.
They are caring and helpful.
Small library but inteligent teachers.
some of our teachers are old mennonites and are stuck in the old ways of Christianity and are strict about everything we do. for example: we art not allowed to dance at all and our cheer skirts go to the knee.
We are small so we aren't always able to get the best coaches.. Most of the time they are just parents that decided to take it up because they want to spend more time with their children, or because they wanted to just be part of the school.
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