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James S. Rickards Middle School Reviews

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I had a pretty good experience at Rickards. Though there are things that they can improve, one of the things that I really like about the school is that they make you feel like a family.Everyone has each other's back when other schools try to break us down.
Rickards was an okay school. While there are many teachers who really do care, a lot don’t. Students who go here are the main reason why teachers sometime don’t even try. The students are very rude and are either skipping, doing weed, or vaping. There are always a small batch of students who are good though. Many of the good teachers have left this school for another school. If you send you child here, make sure they’re with the right people because it’s very easy to do down the wrong road. The principal is and some administration are probably my least favorite part of the school. He dosent seem to know how to run a school. In 7th grade, the last day of school all the kids made up “fight day”. There was like 7 actual fights and some teachers who tried to stop and interfere were punched or kicked. My experience was pretty good because I was with the right people and I knew how to behave, unlike many of my former peers.
I loved the diversity of the school and how everyone can communicate with each other to make friends or squads for high school transition . (Which is what happened for me) I would change nothing.
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38%reading proficiency? 40% math proficiency? That is atrocious! Staff and especially parents should be ashamed.
Great school to attend. Teachers are amazing and school overall awesome. Great friends and staff members.
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