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Overall a pretty good four years. For the most part good teachers who want to help you succeed. Lots of extra curricular opportunities and great school spirit.
It was a very good school. The environment of the school is immediately acknowledgeable as soon as you walk through the door. The school has a Leadership and International Relations Specialty Center that offers many volunteer projects throughout the school year called Capstone projects.
James River High School is like the pink starbursts in the packet. Most people would die for it, others, not so much. I, personally, love the pink starbursts and James River. This school has opened up new possibilities and opportunities into my life. Here, life is a game of chance and choices. I guess you could say that I made a good choice in enrolling here.
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The school left a lot of free time that was wasted by students. Teachers could have used this time to better engage students with material
One thing I loved about my school was how close the teachers are with their students. The teachers really take an interest in their students overall well being and strong connections are built. One thing I would like to see change though is the school's overall environment. I think there is a lot more that can be done to make the school a more positive and fun learning environment so that the students are motivated to do their best and eager to learn each day.
James River high school has gotten a bad reputation in the years following it's blue ribbon status. And some might doubt the safety of the school with recent events. However, I hav never felt threatened or in any danger while I have been a student there, and there are so many things that make the school worthwhile. The leadership program, for example, is amazing and the teachers prepare you to excel in college and be able to think critically beyond school. The school also has great sports programs with baseball, soccer, and lacrosse going to states, and crew and track going to nationals.
I personally really enjoyed attending James River High school. My Freshman year was my first year in a public school and I was honestly kind of worried, coming from only private schools a huge school like that can seem scary. The staff and teachers honestly made the transition super easy. They were always there for me when I had questions or issues in class and outside of class as well. Admin was really nice and I honestly loved everyone, even teachers who I never had a class with. They all had smiles on when I would walk through the Hallways. I felt like I fit in from day one. I can't speak for all the kids but almost everyone I met was friendly and would help you in anyway that you needed.
For those who want to take initiative and be involved in their school community, the environment has proven to develop a strong work ethic, leadership qualities, and preparedness for the future through the various opportunities proved by teachers and staff.
Teachers on the most part do a good job looking out for students and seem to care. The structure and scheduling of the school should change however with time for class and lunch.
I moved to James River the summer before my freshman year. I didn't think I would be able to make new friends and fit in when I got here. Since my first day that has all changed. I've been able to make plenty of friends and I feel like I fit in. The diversity of the school is great along with academics. I've had many good teachers and some of them I talk to almost everyday. The school has done a great job in getting me prepared for college and actually helped me decide to look at some different school that I hadn't looked at yet and a I will be choosing between those schools to continue my education. The school has many great resources that you can use, but overall I really do love this school. This is probably one of the best schools in the district and I've had an amazing 4 years here.
The other students are very welcoming and some of the teachers really care about their students. Especially one of my teachers this year. He genuinely cares about what his students want and care about.
I like mostly everything about the school. The teachers are somewhat helpful and they encourage you a lot.
Overall this school experience wasn't bad, but with administration changes there has been what feels like a lack of students being heard as much as they should. There is a lack of communication and a disconnect with the administration here but the teachers genuinely seem to care about their subjects and their students.
James River was a fantastic school my first two years of highschool. It had a great sense of community, and everyone in school did fun activities together. I loved coming to school and doing after school activities. Now though, that sense of community is gone. All the awesome qualities about James River are completely gone. After the football season ends, all of the feelings of a united school completely disapears, and school becomes just school. We come to school, go to our classes, and come home. I miss the way it used to be.
The school itself prides itself on caring about the students, but when actuality the faculty primarily the principal not the teachers only cares about a select few of the students. My Senior year we had a rampant amount of suicides within our school yet the school did nothing about suicide prevention because the people who attempted or committed suicide were often not popular and weren't well known across the student body. But as soon as a Lacrosse player got in a car accident that left him in the hospital, School immediately began creating fundraisers, selling shirts, and even created a 5 k. Which would be commendable if they didn't completely ignore the half of dozen suicides that could have been prevented if they even bothered to do anything related to suicide prevention. The only saving grace for James River is that it has many fine teachers who care about the students.
James River is a pretty decent school. They offer a wide selection of advanced classes and interesting electives. Between AP and dual enrollment classes, James River provides lots of opportunities to prepare for college.
James River is a very big school. There is many options for everyone at this school. Sports, clubs, and many academics are offered.
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I really liked the science department at James river. All of the teachers are passionate about the subject they are teaching. I would like to see the math department get better teachers.
Teachers are very attentive abd open to helping their students succeed. Strong drama and physical education programs. Fit for life classes that help students overcome difficulties and persevere.
James River is ok. Hard to compare since I don't have experience in another high school.

The new principal is not as involved with the students as the last one.
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