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While the school has several teachers and staff that are great & love their career, the actual work and study that is available to prepare for adulthood is not challenging nor does it prepare you for college. This is not the actual school's fault rather the Botetourt County School Board and the VA Department of Education. The classes are too short to actually understand the information & as a Senior I did not have a book report or project my four years here. There is a variety of sports available but there is a huge favoritism towards Football & Baseball. The track stays flooded most of the time and there is no promotion of the other sports. Students are encouraged to follow paths that their parents took while attending there - girls in home ec & the like classes and boys attending the "dirty trades" classes or college bound. The education needs to be left up to the teachers and get rid of the SOL Program.
I loved the small town feeling of James River. Its not a very large school so everyone is connected. The community also plays a major role in helping students and bettering the school. Many parents and teachers spend extra time supporting the school even when they don't have to.
The people of the school are great and I have made many friends. Some teachers are not up to par, but I feel I now have the ability to perform at a college level in academics.
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I love James River! The staff are always so nice, and my peers are the same way! We’re definitely what would be considered as a small-town school.
It's a normal high school filled with people who don't care about anything in school or academic-wise, both including most of the student population and even some teachers and administration.
James River High, a school sourounded by cow fields, at first you may think "well that dosnt seem like it'd be a super cool school" but you'd be wrong. In matter of fact being that secluded actually makes everything that much moreFun! There's serenity, no one's in a huge hurry to do too much, and this gives our sports an entire different feel because we don't have to worry about space. The faculty are phenomenal for they actually care about us and we can know them a little better since we are a smaller school, they'll very rarely ever forget our names even 5 years after we graduate. The building itself is in great shape with even some state of the art facilities such as 4 computer labs, gyms and weight rooms, and class room with plenty of room! The classes themselves are very thought out and we learn what we need too have a few students even graduate with their associates degree! These are just some of the reasons that James River is place to so many of my memories and a great school.
It was a great school. Everyone was so nice. It was scary leaving their and after I graduated everything was so different. It felt some type of way not going to school.
Smaller school, teachers are very helpful and willing to guide you through your high school career. Lots of opportunities to excell academically and athletically.
The school has a lot of extracurriculars available, and even hold club-days once a 9-weeks during the school day to encourage participation. The teams are inclusive and hard-working, and most of the clubs are welcoming and active within the community and the school in a positive way.
As a member of student government for two years and various other clubs my entire high school career, I had quite a few run-ins with administration. I found administration to be unyielding, even when presented clear, valid arguments, hypocritical, and focused on a select few. With that being said, however, I still enjoyed what I was able to accomplish and the friendships I made. I didn't really feel disadvantaged going into college.
Health and safety for the students were high quality.
My over all experience about extra curricular brought the school together. Our school spirit flowed through the halls everyday.
the overall experiences of the school was great. The parents and the teachers work well together
The teachers at James River High school are super helpful and teaches students to become great adults.
The school in my opinion is safe, not because of the programs resources and resource officer, but because of the location of the school itself.
I am a part of the FRC robotics team which is a part of the after school robotics program at my school. Through this program, students are able to have hands on experience with stem fields and learn how fun engineering really is.
We do not live in a region that has much diversity, but the diversity that is here is shown through the school. Through we may not have a very large diversity, there are no problems that arise from the diversity. Every person is a friend regardless of ethnicity, skin color, gender. Peer pressure is present, but only in areas that are positive such as doing well on a test or going to a charity event.
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I love this school. The atmosphere created by both students and teachers is amazing. There is a very low violence and bullying rate, and everyone treats each other with love, compassion, and respect. I would choose this school over any school in a heart beat, because there does not seem to be a better place on earth.
The largest problems that are present at my school are the violation of the dress code, and the use of tobacco products. These are all kept under control due to the great work of the principles. They maintain a healthy relation with all of the students, and they are able to work with students on there situations. They do not go by a strickt rule book per say, but rather they have a general sence of severity of punishments for different violations, and apply spacific punishments that best fit the situation.
I feel like that they could do better with the way they handle certain situations.
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