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I love Rickards! I pleaded my mother to stay all four years because of the great relationships I built with other students, teachers, faculty and administration. They truly care about success and having fun while learning.
I enjoyed the fact that James S. Rickards High School had the option of being in IB which could help students prepare for college. AVID classes could also help students who did not want to be included in IB classes prepare for college and the SAT's. The only areas of the school I would change are the bathrooms and cafeteria could use upgrades.
I was in the IB Program at Rickards and graudated with my IB Diploma. This program does an amazing job of preparing the students for college in terms of the academic rigor and work load.
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It's a very school, even though its a lot to handle it's very helpful and fun. They help you when your in need of it . High School really teaches you alot especially Rickards.
My experience at Rickards high school I fun and sometimes very frustrating. It is fun because the people give off good energy and there is never a dull moment. There is always something going on. it could be from music in the cafe to drumming on the tables outside. We even have card games. It can get frustrating because its alot of kids and gets hot really fast. And there is a lot of yelling for teachers because they ar trying to getting things together. And sometimes thing planned a little to late.
my experience at rickards was good because I felt welcome and I had friends and I need all the support that i need in order to survive.
Overall I enjoy the extracurricular activities along with the schooling. We are very family-oriented and it shows through our different clubs.
Attending Rickards High School was a very unique experience for me. Despite their bad record the school itself is cool. Some of the teachers and staff are very funny and relatable and the students there make the experience worthwhile.
this school has very diverse cultures and supports all genders and races. the kids there are very artistic and creative.
my 4 years of college was ok I guess. rick have a lot of favoritism if you ask me. they don't care much about their students. all they care about is their athletics because I guess the more games they win the more profit they get.
Honestly a very decent school from what others make it out to be. A nice education system set up. Would like for the guidance counselors to be there more for students because I know some people that are seniors and haven't even spoken or seen guidance counselors. School lunch is okay and restrooms are okay, certain restrooms are a lot worse than others. The school is very diverse due to being the only high school in our county with the IB Program.
The only part of the school that is of substance is the IB program, but even the quality of this program is declining, as administration is not able to keep up with deadlines, particularly regarding the IB Extended Essay. The IB Program however does have some excellent teachers, and some excellent extended essay advisors who enforce a strict schedule. Students in the program have been losing the incentive to work, and frustration in teachers is seen due to this declining work ethic. Besides this program, the school's students don't care about being scholars and there is no parent involvement to motivate them. In fact, the majority of the students will likely not go to college. I have been able to maintain relatively healthy grades, but I don't think that can be said about many of the other students.
The school has a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of people willing to help you become the best person you can. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a RIGOROUS path of education, but in the end, students will be more than prepared for the real world, and Rickards' IB teachers make sure of that.
It's a decent school. I'm in the IB program which is hard but not as hard as everyone says. I'm also involved in athletics but the only "good" sports we have are footballs, boys and girls basketball and our tennis team has some good players. The food sucks, admin sucks but that's typical of most schools.
Hi! My name is Joi and I came to THE James S. Rickards High School during the middle of this year. I transferred from a school that I felt didn't give me any help and wasn't willing to help me at all. The vice principal brought me in her office before I transferred and told me that they will do anything and everything they can to help me out now in high school, and get me as many scholarships as I can. Since I've been there, absolutely everything that she said has been true. Just from being there for a little bit, my GPA went from a 3.1 to a 3.5 in just one nine weeks! I highly recommend you send your child here. You and your family will receive love from this school like no other!
This school is thought to be a bad school but it isn’t. The teachers care about the students succeeding and help out whenever. Rickards is the best kept secret because although it has a “ bad reputation” it really has good students who actually are willing to learn.
I love the supportive attitude and the fact that the teachers and administrators allow the students to feel like they can achieve anything. The school is severely underfunded, and I would appreciate some more funds to go to the school to assist in helping the school be able to help more students.
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Great school to go to for the International Baccalaureate Program. Teaches about diversity amongst students and culture.
Since graduating from Nims Middle School I always wanted to go to Rickards and become something special especially for the basketball team the Lady Raiders Basketball Program is so wondering it allows you to be yourself do what ever you like and want. Rickards has a great academic program with the IB-Program and if you get involve there are many things that come out of that with getting your credits early and graduating early. Also the sports department is awesome you will always make it to playoff game with playing with the raiders.
I've participated in so many events at Rickards and built everlasting relationships with administration, teachers ad fellow students. The culture is full of excitement and adventure, this has a lot to do with the student ran organization and their creativity. Also, the AVID and Engineering programs pushes us students to reach our full potential as far as academics.
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