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James N. Gamble Montessori High School Reviews

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I loved that it was a Montessori school. It was based off of coming together as a community. I felt like I was a part of a big family! They teach very well also and we always do group activities. It was a great experience!
I do not feel ready for college. There is nothing to do here. I also feel like the administration is shady.
I liked that it was Montessori
the education was awful though, no learning, just busywork, no preparation for life or college, just busywork.
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the teachers really care about the students and their success
the work isn't a lot and the teachers do a very good job at explaining
they have a few great clubs
its a great school to attend
There's a lot of work and sometimes it feels that the teachers forget that students have other classes.
There are a few opportunities but there could be more.
I like learning and the teachers but I do not like most of the students except a good handful of them.
Our school doesn't tolerate bullying at all. But our security policies are not strict enough. Although I feel safe at my school, anyone could still bring anything in there.
Our extra curricular activities basically has a field for anyone who wants to get involved! Our most famous/ popular club currently is video game club. I'm active in our ski club where we go skiing every Monday in January to kick off the winter the right way. There's also a robotics club, film analytics club, magic club, art club, etc. Clubs for everything!
I go to a Montessori High School. We are a very active and hands on learning type of school. We get involved in different communities around the city and everyone in each classroom seems to work together with no problem in a enjoyable manner. I've loved it ever since I started here in 7th grade. I strongly recommend students enrolling at Montessori schools. They're awesome!
The teachers at my school get so involved! So helpful!
There are guards around and stuff
I knew exactly what was going to happen
They're all cool teachers if you know how they want their classroom to be run
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Not that many clubs to be seen at Gamble but the ones that are there are alright... Nothing to write home about
If someone gets hurt, they're sent to the office. We don't have a school nurse.
We still don't have a soccer team, even though a lot of girls have been asking for one.
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