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James Monroe High School Reviews

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James Monroe is an excellent school. My daughter took advantage of many opportunities as the other young people. The teachers cared to teach her and she was willing to absorb the information.
Average school experience designed to produce employee instead of employers. Typical fights were frequent, abuse of intellectual property was not corrected nor acknowledge.
I been there since 7th grade
I would like for them to ler us have our phones for the whole day and school lunches need to be better.i like that i have teachers to helo assist me
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I do like this school,it gave me lots of opourtunities but if I went to a charter school I think it would be better
Lots of my teachers are great but a few are not.
They care and they are really helpful
There's not much academic discipline, and when there is it seems unnecessary.
We don't truly focus on athletics as much.
The teachers here teach well, but they do not care to engage the student or make sure they are actually taking information in. A lot of our students come from hard backgrounds and teachers don't take that into account.
The school does not do much extracurricular activities or after-school activities.
Absolutely hated the food, they had healthy foods also but I did not enjoy eating there
They try their best to make the class room the best they can be
I feel that the school did a good job trying to prepare us for college.
I didn't feel very prepared. I felt they were teaching us wrong. Some things were good like AVID class. A class that helps with college.
my experience at Monroe was bittersweet. We have peace circles. I would go back because that is where I felt most comfortable.
Teachers are very understanding but sometime their teaching skills could be worked on.
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