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I like that James Monroe High School a plethora of programs so that the students can pick something that will lead them and prepare them for their future careers.
I really like the school but I would like to see a change in some of the school courses. I would want teachers to prepare students for college and the make their classes rigorous while being educational. Another change would be the staff who work there because they can be a little rude sometimes.
I like how James Monroe really cares about you and your education. They're some things that needs to change a bit. We need to change how we think and act to our students.
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My experience and James Monroe High School is so far pretty great so far! They don't have as many AP classes as I'd like but that's okay. I have had the opportunity to really melt into the school and be a part of the community--it's awesome! The teachers are really great and genuinely want you to succeed and truly be something.
It is a decent school full of intelligent and helpful teachers. The only concern is the lack of bathrooms, given that the majority of them are close; therefore, it creates longer lines for the available doors. It wastes the student's time.
I've had the opportunity of having amazing teachers who have ignited my passion for law as well as mentors who have helped me in my life.
I’ve been attending James Monroe High School since my freshmen year and I’ve observed a handful of things during that period of time. It is a diverse temple with many people striving for greatness. In the magnet program you see a variety of people challenging their abilities in order to grow and succeed. Unfortunately, it does not receive as much credit as it should. If I were to modify anything it would be the schools recognition along with its funds.
I liked that at my school I have never experienced bullying or encountered any fights around school. Additionally the school has many Beni fits that other schools don’t have and you can receive tons of help when it comes to college and your future
I have had a great experience in Monroe. I like all the opportunities given to the students to be successful.
James Monroe High was a great school and an amazing experience. As a Law & Government Magnet student, I learned many things that will help me become a productive member of society.
James Monroe has a very diverse amount of students. The school also has multiple schools which students can be in. For example Arts & Media, Engineering & Design, Law & Government, etc.
I personally loved the Law and Government magnet in James Monroe High. Besides promoting civic responsibility, their curriculum develops critical thinking through trials, debates, historical simulations, internships, and community-service opportunities. Not to mention the extraordinary job teachers and staff provided as they developed a college preparatory program that offered students the rigorous coursework necessary for them to attain their career goals, whether they lie within the law or some other field of study.
James Monroe is a school that started from the bottom of being called one of the school that student won't excel or they are poor in having students not focusing in school . But now I keep hearing from parents and student of a well diverse school, with an open minds, new programs like an orchestra and fire academy is built and support so much to having a bully free zone. Plus we have a college office where student come to hang out or ask questions to our CSUN , Piece, Mission, or UCLA representatives. And for seniors ,they get called up a whole lot to keep in check or track of prepare steps for the colleges the student wants to go. Oh and I almost forgot we also get provided to borrow touch screen laptops.
Monroe is known in that valley for being a what many upper class call a “ghetto school.” I for one big to differ. Monroe has had its problems of multiple incidents but not something that should mark them as a ghetto or unsafe school. I mean there hasn’t been any school shootings or reported deaths that I know of from this school so I’d say it’s pretty safe. One thing that is a huge bummer is administration. Administrators do not allow us to bring school spirit to our school n platter how hard we try and it’s really difficult when being a part of the schools leadership to being spirit to the school. Furthermore, the school could be a better place with just a bit more lenience
I joined the James Monroe Law and Government Magnet Program, and it is really worth it as it prepares me and sends me to high colleges.
My experience at James Monroe High School, was fantastic. I was involved in clubs, sports, academics and had special bonds with many teachers throughout my 4 years of being enrolled. Diversity was an issue due to my community being mostly Hispanic, which was a huge eye opener for me when I started going to College of the Canyons. Safety was never an issue inside of school, administration and teachers made sure we were always safe, outside of the school despite the staff trying everything they can was a different story. I met my best friends, whom I still talk to now, in that school. The reason I rated JMHS 4 our of 5 because when I graduated and finally decided what my major was going to in college, I did not feel prepared. I was not introduced to the topic in school, but outside of school, this is not the schools fault but the districts fault because of bugedting and cuts. Other than that, my experience at this school was something I will always cherish with me.
I'm A JUNIOR at James Monroe High School my experience is for coming to this school is excellent because it has many opportunities that many High Schools don't have. They have all the sports that you would want to try out as Football, cheer, wrestling, basketball, etc. We have a College office that gives you all this information about where to apply to college and how to apply for Fasa and Financial Aid. The teachers are very supportive and always tell you that college is the path to have a better successful life. One thing that I would like for them to change is their food which if they can give better food than give the usual.
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In all honesty, James Monroe High School is a school for the strong-willed who want to exceed in law and government. The magnet is perfect for a future lawyer or judge; however, the engineering and design classes get more funding due to certain reasons. Overall, it's an average high school with a few great teachers.
James Monroe high school has a big diversity among the student body as well as the classes that are provided. The big range of classes allows students to explore many their interest from stem classes to medical terminology and sports therapy. The teachers and staff take time out of their schedules to provide you with the help that you need as well as the resources. I have enjoyed my time at James Monroe high school due to it having many opportunities to explore new interest, during and after school. There was not one thing that I disliked about Monroe.
Personally, I really loved Monroe. If you are in the magnet, the workload can be a lot, especially in honors classes; however, the work you put in the end is very rewarding. The campus was pretty clean. Administrators are....something else. They are fussy and discriminatory toward magnet students, mainly because they don't understand the regular school's resources are given to magnet students and because they don't like that magnet students don't submit to "authority." The Law and Gov't magnet really helps you have a greater understanding of law. Teachers are wonderfull and caring.
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